The Spring Equinox is Here.

Happy spring equinox. My energy is swirling. Something deep is in motion. Can you feel it?

Today, we'll hear talk of balance. The day and night are split. But the equinox holds a story deeper than that. There's a level of organization that is going to be awakened within you.

But don't be fooled into thinking that today, the spring equinox, marks a new birth. That will come soon enough. Go slow... the process is just beginning.

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Why That Activation Into a Higher Vibration Won’t Solve Your Problems.

I do get it. When you are in pain, you want relief. I've been there. I've even spent a lot of money on coaching with someone who I thought would solve my problems... just tell me what I needed to know to make it so.

That's not how it works. And I'm fed up with seeing all the "activations" out there that seem to promise people a level of change without them needing to do much. 

I once had a healer friend say to me, "You're the one who needs to make the aha-connection. You've got to be present to win."

I totally agree. Your Soul needs to stretch into ideas... like the butterfly who emerges from the cocoon. That activation you hope will fix you, is really going to lead you into the need to do some slow-cooked healing. 

Here's why.

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