Are you ready for work you love?

Let's get you clear on what that is and how you need to grow to make it happen.

Work? I think it matters. I think you should do work you love - work that makes you a soulful living.

Most people though? They're not so thrilled with their work. It's sucking them dry; they're burnt-out. There are a whole lot of people out there who want work that feels more soulful and inspiring.

And even though there are more choices than ever as to the kind of work you can do, including entrepreneurship, solopreneurship or working in the corporate world to do your thing, it's easy to feel trapped by "work" and end up in a stand-still.

I think that's because when you realize you need to change your work, you're realizing that you must change first. And there's a lot more to that, than writing a new CV.


I meet women everyday who are ready for a big work transition, yet to take a step toward something new feels like taking a step right off the cliff. Honestly, they don't know what they want to do, or if they do, they don't feel ready to do it.

Sound familiar?

Well, to understand what your purpose and passion is all about, you've got to do some soul-searching. You've got to take a look at what matters to you, and why you might even be afraid to own that. You've got to become the woman who's clear about what she wants, and can energetically own it.

Until then, doing what you want to do will feel like a long-shot.


I've always felt that work should be a part of the fabric of our being; a part of us that gets expressed through what we do. Work should matter; what we do should represent what we care about.

To some, that sounds naive. But I know better... I bet you do too.

I believe that you and I are here for a reason: to evolve at a personal and spiritual level through what we do. We may not be here to change the world, per say, but we have something within in us that matters; something that drives us to feel whole.

It's not crazy that you want your work to be something that inspires you and makes you a soulful loving. To find that though, you've got some inner work to do. That doesn't have to be hard, just honest. You'll need to see yourself as you're meant to be, and then work that.

I'm here to help you figure this "work thing" out. I can help you figure you out too.

If you've like more details, definitely check out the "work with me" page.

Or, if you're ready to talk, set up a consultation and let's see if this is the right work for you.


“Working with Stacy has been an amazing and uplifting experience. She was calm, easy-going and worked with the energy in what I refer to as a High Integrity Energy Healer.

With so many energy healers around overstating their abilities, Stacy was a breath of fresh air. I loved how she worked alongside of me, empowering me to expand, never doing the work for me, but holding the space for me to embrace my own expansion and open at my pace.

Working with Stacy has allowed my business to expand in new and exciting ways. I am happier than ever and so grateful to have found her to support my journey.”

Trish Kapanos,

Find your purpose. Live your passion.

The Soulful Work Mini-Course

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what you want and what's important.

You’ll get a series of emails with some of my favorite ways to help you work through a few key blocks that might be holding you back from creating work you love… or making the work you have more purposeful!


“I would like to thank Stacy for the amazing work she did with me.  In my business, I was feeling stuck and uncertain of how to move beyond some of my limiting beliefs.  I knew there were some unresolved issues from my family of origin resulting in energetic blocks, particularly around money and power.  She immediately was able to dip into that and help me not only get in touch energetically, but also viscerally.  She has such a nurturing way of working that I was able to feel safe going into the scary places.

She is a true healer and a remarkable mentor.  I am now able to move forward in my business with complete confidence.  Again, thank you!”

Nanette Giacoma,


“I love working with Stacy!

If you haven’t sampled Stay’s magic, I highly recommend that you do. Your business and your bank account will thank you!”

Kristine Madera,


“I’ve been a long-time follower of Stacy’s work – her practical, down to earth way of communicating something as “airy fairy” as energy has always resonated with me. My only regret was not listening to my intuition sooner! I’ve worked with a lot of health practitioners before, but Stacy’s approach was completely different. She really is a teacher as much as a healer, holding your hand as she takes you deep into your energetic self.”

Debbie Rae-Smith

Ready to do what matters to you?