Soulful Work Mentor and Intuitive Guide

How do you find your purpose and do the work
you're meant to be doing?

By daring to own the truth of who you are. 

There is no separating who you are from what you do.

It takes courage to do the thing you love — your true work in the world. To choose that over all the more comfortable options. The safer options.

But not bringing your purpose to life means leaving a part of you behind. To deny it, means you deny yourself.

And if you're a healer, coach or creative entrepreneur, the way you figure out your work, your business, your niche, your brand — your everything — is first to know yourself.

This is the work you do first.

Before the six-figure business building courses, the marketing programs, and the branding workshops.

Before you do any of that, you must first own who you are: your value, your essence, your voice, your truth.

It's this work that naturally leads you to the work you’re meant to be doing. And it’s only once you know that does all the other business coaching start to matter.

But if you don’t start here — with you deeply understanding who you are and what work naturally flows from that — then all the other effort with your business just falls flat.

When you don't own your voice, your path, your why — what makes your work so special — you become indistinguishable from every other entrepreneur out there.

You get lost in the crowd, without a message that draws to you those you were meant to serve.

But even more importantly, you never fully own the unique power of your work.

It's here where you affirm your voice and come to speak your work
with total abandon; where you don’t even have to think about
your message because you live the message.

There is no separating who you are from what you do.

Seeing your truth, finding your voice, claiming who you are, and recognizing the work that wants to flow out of you is what this is about.

Helping you do that is what I do.

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I happened upon Stacy's work at just the right time. I was in a space of transition and really needed help from someone to help me figure out what was holding me back from stepping into who I knew I could be. I needed someone to go deep with — someone that could work with me on an energetic level, but also someone that approached change and transformation in a grounded way that I could understand and relate to.

Stacy was the perfect person to work with for what I needed! Throughout our sessions, she was able to pinpoint exactly what things I needed to release in order to uplevel. She had this way of really helping me lean into the uncomfortable beliefs and old stories that I held to help me process and let go of them. I was able to see myself in a new light, and the shift in perspective really helped me to move forward in ways that I had desired for so long.

Stacy is using her innate gifts in a really unique way to help guide women toward happiness and fulfillment, and I really recommend working with her if you are seeking more alignment in your own life and work! Thank you, Stacy, for all that you are and all that you do!

Jennifer Young, Jennifer Young Photography


“Working with Stacy has been an amazing and uplifting experience. She was calm, easy-going and worked with the energy in what I refer to as a High Integrity Energy Healer.

With so many energy healers around overstating their abilities, Stacy was a breath of fresh air. I loved how she worked alongside of me, empowering me to expand, never doing the work for me, but holding the space for me to embrace my own expansion and open at my pace.

Working with Stacy has allowed my business to expand in new and exciting ways. I am happier than ever and so grateful to have found her to support my journey.”

Trish Kapanos,


“I would like to thank Stacy for the amazing work she did with me.  In my business, I was feeling stuck and uncertain of how to move beyond some of my limiting beliefs.  I knew there were some unresolved issues from my family of origin resulting in energetic blocks, particularly around money and power.  She immediately was able to dip into that and help me not only get in touch energetically, but also viscerally.  She has such a nurturing way of working that I was able to feel safe going into the scary places.

She is a true healer and a remarkable mentor.  I am now able to move forward in my business with complete confidence.  Again, thank you!”

Nanette Giacoma,

Get Clarity. Then go do your thing.