How do you find your work in the world — the what you do that expresses who you are?

By daring to own the truth of who you are. 

This is where you claim who you are and what you do.
because who you are defines what you do.

I believe your work can be the means to your spiritual evolution.

Stepping into your truth, and allowing what you “do” to be an expression of who you are, takes bravery. It takes a willingness to go within and claim what matters to you despite what others may say or what you’ve been told about yourself.

It takes being willing to pick yourself up, even if you feel burnt-out and tired of searching, and trust that your soul is indeed calling you toward something powerful.

And the fact that you are here means that you are saying yes to your soul’s calling.

You always have been.

Let’s just pause for a moment, because I know that you’re feeling unsure of yourself. You’re feeling confused as to what you are here to do. You’re wondering about your purpose, perhaps. And if you feel you know the path you’re to be walking, you’re probably wondering how.

I also know that you know how to keep looking. if you could find the path and the clarity on your own, you would.

There is a wonderful synergy, though, that gets created when you work with someone who can guide you into understanding that’s hard to get to on your own — someone who can hold space for a journey of intuitive magic to take place to open you to what’s just on the other side of your awareness.

Change comes. Insight happens. Awareness unwinds a level of healing that expands you. New solutions are revealed and a sense of direction is illuminated. And action and accountability follow.

I am a seasoned guide into this intuitive journey work where your answers lay.

There’s a blend of practical and spiritual here — a means for you to connect with your own power and wisdom that has been informed and supported through over 30 years of insight and training as a healer, an intuitive, a bodyworker, and a transformational facilitator.

Saying yes to your soul’s calling.

I know through my own journey — and supporting others on their’s — that saying yes to your work in the world can bring up a lot of challenges.

Maybe it is as Marianne Williamson says, we are afraid of our own power. Or maybe it’s because we know deep within that when we say yes to our soul’s calling, we say yes to our growth; change.

But ULTIMATELY, isn’t this all about growth and living our fullest expression of self?

Your work is your spiritual evolution.

More than the world needing you to get out there and do what you are here to do so you start healing all the broken bits, you need you to step up into your soul’s calling to heal you.

Your healing heals. Your doing what you are called to do allows more being — a beautiful authentic expression of you through what you do.

It’s that which heals the world.

I’m here to help you find that; to uncover your soul’s calling as you move through the layers of stuck and confusion that have kept you from it.

I want to see you grow, and do, and be what your soul is calling you to.

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“Before working with Stacy I was running my business the ‘old-fashioned way.’ Following all the advice of the experts online. I'd spent thousands of dollars learning from many of them and yet something was still off — after years of work. It was like there was a divider (not the best word) between who I was sharing with the world and who I actually was, and I kept struggling with my message and what I was about.

I'd done all the right things but it never felt right. And then I started working with Stacy.

The work we have done together has changed my life. I don't say that lightly. In fact, I've never said about any work I've done with anyone.

Stacy brought me back to who I am. She led me home. And in my mind there is nothing more valuable than that. In addition, she helped me clarify what I'd been circling around forever.

As a result of working with her, my entire business shifted and it has never felt so right.

If you're considering working with Stacy and this testimonial isn't enough, feel free to email me. I'm happy to answer your questions.”

Daphne Cohn, The Creativity Habit


Working with Stacy is like no other counseling or coaching I’ve ever experienced, and I’ve experienced everything imaginable in my 59 years.  

By tapping into the different parts of my being that are both consciously and unconsciously running my art business, I have totally revamped how I show up for both myself and my art. I started from a place of fear and anxiety that I might never “make it” as an artist, and evolved to a place of connection and trust that everything is opening in perfect timing as I listen and follow my highest inner wisdom. My lifelong compulsion to push and strive has been replaced by trusting an inner knowing that I’m in the right place, and my art business is evolving perfectly, no matter the outcome.

I am grateful beyond words for Stacy’s gentle way of blowing my heart, soul and mind wind open to a whole new way of being in the world, and in my sacred art. 

Catherine Rains, Catherine Rains Art


“I happened upon Stacy's work at just the right time. I was in a space of transition and really needed help from someone to help me figure out what was holding me back from stepping into who I knew I could be. I needed someone to go deep with — someone that could work with me on an energetic level, but also someone that approached change and transformation in a grounded way that I could understand and relate to.

Stacy was the perfect person to work with for what I needed! Throughout our sessions, she was able to pinpoint exactly what things I needed to release in order to uplevel. She had this way of really helping me lean into the uncomfortable beliefs and old stories that I held to help me process and let go of them. I was able to see myself in a new light, and the shift in perspective really helped me to move forward in ways that I had desired for so long.

Stacy is using her innate gifts in a really unique way to help guide women toward happiness and fulfillment, and I really recommend working with her if you are seeking more alignment in your own life and work! Thank you, Stacy, for all that you are and all that you do!”

Jennifer Young, Jennifer Young Photography


“Working with Stacy has been an amazing and uplifting experience. She was calm, easy-going and worked with the energy in what I refer to as a High Integrity Energy Healer.

With so many energy healers around overstating their abilities, Stacy was a breath of fresh air. I loved how she worked alongside of me, empowering me to expand, never doing the work for me, but holding the space for me to embrace my own expansion and open at my pace.

Working with Stacy has allowed my business to expand in new and exciting ways. I am happier than ever and so grateful to have found her to support my journey.”

Trish Kapanos,