Is figuring out what you want — or why you can't seem to have it — the issue?

I get it.

People come to work with me when they aren't sure why they feel the way they do; why things aren't working... why they feel stuck. They know they want to get to the other side of "change" and they can't.

Part of what makes me good at what I do is this relationship I have with energy. My psychic mojo just goes right to the energetic signatures and patterns that are getting in your way.

It's like you're talking to me, or I'm watching your energy, and I focus in on the tiniest little energy thread and then pull it. And bam; out tumbles your story of what's getting in the way... and where you need to go next.

That's where we then focus our work, to help you create the clarity you need to move forward into something new.

I think we are here to understand who we are as we get to that furthest edge of growth and evolution that we can access at the moment and to then go do what’s important to us as our most empowered self… which keeps up leveling.

It's that far edge that I get to with your energy, where I start pulling strings.

I know you're already trying to get answers

While the inner work you are doing might help you see that you want something new, it's not getting to the root of the matter - why you can't make it happen right now.

It's not helping you transform why you feel so afraid to make a change, why you don't trust that doing work you love is even possible, why you can't get clear on what exactly you should be doing, and why you doubt you're even worthy of doing something with your life that would simply be amazing.

The secret to figuring out what's holding you back is in your energy.

Here's how I can help you.

When you know change is upon you, yet you can't figure out what's in the way of you getting to the other side, it is painful. It can be frustrating and overwhelming to sit in that, hoping somehow, you'll figure it out. Maybe you hope that if you wait long enough it will all pass.

No such luck, you've gotta move through to the other side.

But here I am, waiting to pull that tiny little energy string you can't yet see; to hold the space for you to see the "stuck" in a new light and move on through.

I offer up different ways to work with me. 

You can learn more about my packages and pricing here.

The best way to know if this work is right for you, is to set up a consultation. Let's talk about what you're looking for help with and if we're a good fit to work together. Then, we can determine the best approach - single sessionsdeep dive intensives or a little longer-term work that will give you the time you need to create a deep transformation and life change. 

If you're ready to change, grow and get out there and do what you're here to do, then let's talk.