Is figuring out what you want — or why you can't seem to have it — the issue?

I get it. You want something better... work that speaks to your heart, makes you a good living and doesn't burn you out so that all you can do at the end of the day is pour a glass of wine and soak in a lavender infused bath.

While the inner work you are doing might help you see that you want something new, it's not getting to the root of the matter.

It's not helping you transform why you feel so afraid to make a change, why you don't trust that doing work you love is even possible, why you can't get clear on what exactly you should be doing, and why you doubt you're even worthy of doing something with your life that would simply be amazing.

You might be so burnt-out by it all, that the idea of feeling passionate about work — about anything — is inconceivable.

The secret to figuring out what's holding you back is in your energy.

Here's the thing. None of us can see our core issues. They're embedded in a maze of protection that keeps us from seeing that stuff.

But you are a powerful woman who can create personal change with the support from someone who:

  1. Sees the energetic web you're entangled in and can pinpoint where you're getting stuck.
  2. Understands how you can transform what's holding you back so you can finally get past it.
  3. Can do the energetic work you want, as well as support you in getting off your butt and making things happen.
  4. Is a  little bit woo-woo and utterly grounded – both at the same time.

(OK, you got me. I'm totally talking about me!)

If you're ready to make a change,
let’s get to work. Set up a consultation

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