Here’s how we can work together.

Private mentoring.

Private work with me is two-fold: a place to create the clarity you seek about what you are here to do (and how best to do it) but also where you get to identify and work through the emotional and energetic stuckness that’s keeping you from what you seek.

Because we need to work on both to help you step into who you are and what you are here to do.

If you’re ready for answers and a huge shift in your life and work, then let’s take a good look at what needs to transform and what you need to understand so you can move forward.

Insight Groups.

Having a healing or coaching business will stir stuff up and raise a whole lot of questions. You need a way to create clarity and insight that you can trust. So you keep moving forward.

The Insight Group is where you get that.

Here, you’re part of a small, intimate group of women who come together online to create an intuitive practice of finding their way and staying on track with their work and their lives.

It’s geared for solopreneurs who want to work with their inner wisdom and intuition to guide them forward in their work and support the personal and spiritual growth needed to keep stepping up into their work and their power. You’ll learn how to work with your intuition and intuitive process to guide you and your work, and get a whole lot of love and support along the way.

I so love the Insight Groups that have formed. They’ve been massively transformational on many levels.

erin (1).png

“I've had the honor of working with Stacy off and on since the spring of 2010, and she's helped me in countless ways over the years. Her unique blend of skills is unmatched, and her deep care and passion for what she does mean that her toolkit is always becoming more refined and robust.

Stacy's wonderful humor and personal expertise in the "real world" make working with her very relatable, incredibly enjoyable, and trustworthy. She "gets it" on so many levels — from the big universal picture to the day-to-day dealings of how companies actually work — and she helps reveal how they're all related. Just brilliant. 

Stacy has a very rare gift of being able to bridge the world of energetic spiritual work with practical matters…and she makes the process a deeply enriching and educational experience. She is the embodiment of a creative problem-solver because she knows how to hone in on the level(s) that need to be addressed, and is a master at offering an integral perspective on the issue at hand.”

Erin Clare Shea, Artist, Designer, and Shamanic Apprentice


“I was first drawn to Stacy after reading her blog. I liked how practical and straightforward she was in her approach.

In working with her one-on-one, Stacy helped me quickly cut through the noise to tap into what I really want to create with my business and how to hold the energy around this new creation as it forms. She also helped me shift some heavy energy that was holding me back, personally and professionally.

This has been an excellent investment in my business and personal life, as I’ve seen huge changes in what I’ve been able to manifest and attract to me in the short time since working with her. She is an excellent partner to have in any personal or professional endeavor.

Thank you, Stacy!”

Gillian Poe, Life Path Yoga and Wellness


“I happened upon Stacy via a writing of hers and wow did she have what I needed!

I needed to find my clarity and my voice. My inner thoughts were it’s a coming… but I did not want to wait. I still tried to push.

When I finally let go and took care of whatneeded to be taken care of - re-visited my needs - the clarity came (in its own time).

Stacy has great tools that helped all along the process and will keep helping always. Listening is just one part - hearing is another. Thank you Stacy!”

Laura Heuer, Laura Heuer Coaching


“I am very grateful for having discovered Stacy. She has taken me on a journey which has helped me to reconnect with my joy and passion for life. With Stacy's help, I discovered places within myself where I held fear and resistance. I don't believe I would have uncovered these on my own.

Stacy is someone who, in my opinion, holds a rare combination of energy that is both very practical and grounded but also extremely intuitive. As a result of our work together,  dreams old and new are surfacing, and I am excited about what the future holds.”

Clare Gately