Is figuring out what you want — or why you can't seem to have it — the issue?

I get it.

People come to work with me when they aren't sure why they feel the way they do; why things aren't working... why they feel stuck. They know they want to get to the other side of  "change" and they can't.

And even though a lot of the women I work with start out focusing on what they want with their work, we always end up creating a big, wonderful life change. Because to make a big transition into new work, you've got to make a big transition.

There's no separating who you are from what you do. Not anymore. 

What I do.

Part of what makes me good at what I do is this relationship I have with energy. I quickly see the energetic web that you're stuck in. I have a knack for simplifying your process by pointing to what your energy is clearly showing as the problem, so we can work there.

Having the ability to work in the energetic realm helps to clear away the noise so we can get down to what you need to understand and work through, for you to more quickly step up into a whole new energy... clarity.

I do have to mention that this work - what I do - is not about me doing the healing work for you. Even though I do energy work with my clients, I want you to learn how to sense into everything that I do as we work so you can own your process. That way, you get the win when you make the change.

I have a strong intuitive side, but I'm also very grounded and quite practical. So we'll also talk about what you need to do, in the real world, to get to where you want to get.

All the energy work in the world will do you no good if you aren't seeing a change in yourself and living a life that feels better. And honestly, it's this blend of two worlds, the energetic and the practical, that draws people to my work.

The energy work is powerful, but so too is the coaching.

Here's how I can help you.

These are some of the results people get by working with me:

  • Clarity and direction around work

  • Transformation around core patterns that have limited them for years

  • Improved self-esteem & self-empowerment

  • Connection to their purpose

  • Re-connection to their gifts & passions

  • Energetic clarity, grounding, and healing

  • New job offers

  • New, aligned business plans

  • Business expansion and increased income

  • Energetic skills for self-healing and transformation

I offer up different ways to work with me. 

You can learn more about my packages and pricing here.

The best way to know if this work is right for you is to set up a consultation. Let's talk about what you're looking for help with and if we're a good fit to work together.  

If you're ready to grow into who you need to be, to do whaT you're here to do, then let's talk.


“I've had the honor of working with Stacy since the spring of 2010, and she's helped me in countless ways over the last eight years. Her unique blend of skills is unmatched, and her deep care and passion for what she does mean that her toolkit is always becoming more refined and robust.

Stacy's wonderful humor and personal expertise in the "real world" make working with her very relatable, incredibly enjoyable, and trustworthy.She "gets it" on so many levels — from the big universal picture to the day-to-day dealings of how companies actually work — and she helps reveal how they're all related. Just brilliant. 

Stacy has a very rare gift of being able to bridge the world of energetic spiritual work with practical matters…and she makes the process a deeply enriching and educational experience. She is the embodiment of a creative problem-solver because she knows how to hone in on the level(s) that need to be addressed, and is a master at offering an integral perspective on the issue at hand.”

Erin Clare Shea, Artist, Designer, and Shamanic Apprentice


Hey there, I'm Stacy Vajta (think vita-mix and you have my last name down!). 

I'm here for one big purpose: to help you figure out who you are meant to be and what you are meant to be doing.

Right now, soulful women everywhere are waking up and realizing that their work must be aligned with their heart and soul. And if there’s a misalignment, it’s is all of a sudden just too much to bear.

You might be afraid to stand up and say that your work isn't working. But you know it's time for a real change.

If so, it's time to hit the up-level button on your life. Figure out who you are being asked to grow into, and what that next best version of you needs to be doing in the world. Let's make that happen.


I happened upon Stacy's work at just the right time. I was in a space of transition and really needed help from someone to help me figure out what was holding me back from stepping into who I knew I could be. I needed someone to go deep with---someone that could work with me on an energetic level, but also someone that approached change and transformation in a grounded way that I could understand and relate to. I was immediately drawn to Stacy through articles she had written and also by listening to her podcast (go listen to it now--it's inspiring!).

Stacy was the perfect person to work with for what I needed! Throughout our sessions, she was able to pinpoint exactly what things I needed to release in order to uplevel. She had this way of really helping me lean into the uncomfortable beliefs and old stories that I held to help me process and let go of them. I was able to see myself in a new light, and the shift in perspective really helped me to move forward in ways that I had desired for so long.

Stacy is using her innate gifts in a really unique way to help guide women toward happiness and fulfillment, and I really recommend working with her if you are seeking more alignment in your own life and work! Thank you, Stacy, for all that you are and all that you do!

Jennifer Young, Jennifer Young Photography


“I was first drawn to Stacy after reading her blog. I liked how practical and straightforward she was in her approach.

In working with her one-on-one, Stacy helped me quickly cut through the noise to tap into what I really want to create with my business and how to hold the energy around this new creation as it forms. She also helped me shift some heavy energy that was holding me back, personally and professionally.

This has been an excellent investment in my business and personal life, as I’ve seen huge changes in what I’ve been able to manifest and attract to me in the short time since working with her. She is an excellent partner to have in any personal or professional endeavor.

Thank you, Stacy!”

Gillian Poe, Life Path Yoga and Wellness


“I was launching into to new territory in my business as a coach and healer. I was full of ideas and possibilities. I was becoming more visible than ever before, and strangely I was waking up in the morning feeling very nervous in my physical body. I couldn’t make sense of it. This was everything I’d been wanting in my business but I was scared as hell. I couldn’t shake this nervousness off and I knew it was time to seek support, that’s why I contacted Stacy.

Through our sessions together my nervous system immediately began to calm down. I started waking up feeling at peace. Stacy helped me connect with the Devic Energy of my business and this has been amazingly helpful and given me the direction and focus I needed. 

I highly recommend working with Stacy and I can tell you that this is one of the best investments I’ve ever made for my own healing and mentoring.”

Dani Gardner, www.danigardner.com



  • Do you see clients in person or over the phone?
    I work with people all over the globe, so I only work via Zoom — which has a web chat and a phone dial in option. Most people web chat!

  • Do you only work with women?
    Nope! I work mostly with women, but I do have some amazing guy clients who are hitting the up-level button and makeing big changes in their lives. 

  • How long do we work together?
    I typically work with people anywhere between 8-weeks and 6-months, although I also have individual sessions and a very creative and powerful deep dive process. We'll decide together on what timeframe works best to help you get to your goals.

  • What is the investment?
    This level of personal process is not one size fits all. It's deeply focused and targeted to implement change. Packages start at $1,300 because of the high value of the process as well as the amount of time I put into each client. Individual sessions are $250; deep dives $600. You can check out my program and pricing guide here. I also highly suggest setting up a consultation so you can fully understand the value of these sessions.

  • Do you offer a payment plan?
    Absolutely! I offer a monthly payment plan for longer work, although paying in full gets you a sweet discount!