If your work is to be an expression of who you are, then you must begin with owning who you are.

I know that within you, you have a purpose to show up and transform. To create a level of transformation through what you do and how you do it.

There’s a story within you that will empower you like nothing else when you step into it fully. It will transform how you see yourself… and what you do. You’ll understand what your message is because you’ll understand where it comes from and why it’s important.

You’ll know how to move forward.

You’ll own who you are and what your work is about.

Doing this work is how you become clear about what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, how you want to talk about it, and even how to move forward with it.

Finding this inner clarity and direction is what’s important here. Finding you, your value, your voice, your essence of transformation is where you begin.

Yet too many people skip this or think they’ve done this level of work when they haven’t, who then jump right into all the fancy business stuff only to realize that they really don’t know what their work is about.

They realize they haven’t yet anchored into their value, their essence, their voice, and their truth in a way to stand in their power for their work to come alive.

This. this work is what you do first.

Let go of the 6-figure business classes, the heart-felt selling courses, the marketing programs and the branding workshops for a minute.

Before you do any of that, you must first recognize what it is about you that must be shared through your work… and why that matters. 

Once you know that, then all the other business coaching starts to make sense.

But if you don’t begin with this work — you truly understanding who you are and what work naturally flows from that knowing — then all the other effort with your business lacks the focus and energy you need to make it a success.

You become the healer just doing sessions, the coach that blends in with the crowd, and the artist creating without a clear vision.

Simply put, when you don't own your voice — what makes your work so special — you become indistinguishable from every other entrepreneur out there.

But it's not just about your bottom line.

It's about your spirit; you growing into who you must be to do what you must be doing.

What you’ve always been meant to do.

It takes courage to do work that expresses the deepest part of you. To do that work in the world, you've got to own the hell out of the truth that lives within you. 

This is where you find that.


This is where you get to stop all the hustle and, instead, focus on what feels real and true to you. Where you get to see yourself from the lens of your spirit; where your inner wisdom guides you.

It's here where you get to toss out all that you've been told by someone else about who you are, and what you should do, and how you should do it.  

It’s where you get to see yourself not only as you are, but how you’re being asked to grow to do the work you’re here to do.

It’s where you get to put aside what you think you know, to see if there is something more. Something you've been hiding — or denying — that is the crux of what's been holding you back.

And it's where you get to become so clear about who you are and what matters to you that you can't help but bring that to life through what you choose to do.

You come here and listen to your soul.
You heal. And you claim your voice around your work.

You have the answers. You know the way. Although you may not feel as though you do… at all.

You might not know how to access the understanding, the healing, and the trust to claim your truth and what you're meant to be doing in this world.

That's what I help you to do.

First, get clarity. Own it. Be it. Then, go do your thing.

Here's what this work is not, because that’s important too.


It’s not all woo-woo; despite the fact that you’re getting my 30+ years of mastery of energy work and working with clients to fetter out answers through intuitive wisdom. I bring all this to the table: my intuitive training, my psychic ability, my years of energetic bodywork, my masters in counseling, and my wildly creative means of working with spirit.

my brand of intuitive, energetic process work is grounded and practical — always.

It’s easy to get lost in the “woo” and what can feel overly-etheric and un-relatable. That does you no good.

So when there’s a need to talk “energy,” it’s going to be in the context of the everyday world. Which is good, because this intuitive thing — this energy thing — is actually pretty normal in my book.

And in truth, I’m not really here to align your chakras and send you on your way. I’m here to help you step into the energy of your work in a way that empowers you and lights up a level of soulful evolution for you through what you do.

I’m here to help you access a level of clarity around who you are and what you do, so you get out there and do it… live your soul’s purpose.

So, we’ll be focusing on that. The intuitive energetic stuff I do just helps me to help you all that much more quickly.

Which is why this is not months and months of coaching.

I don't work that way. This isn't a program, but a personalized journey into where you and your work need to transform to thrive… to be fully embodied.

And yes, we absolutely can do that quickly and effectively, to get you on your way. Eight session or so is where you'll hit your stride with me, where you'll "get it."

Click here for a pricing reference sheet.

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“I've had the honor of working with Stacy off and on since the spring of 2010, and she's helped me in countless ways over the years. Her unique blend of skills is unmatched, and her deep care and passion for what she does mean that her toolkit is always becoming more refined and robust.

Stacy's wonderful humor and personal expertise in the "real world" make working with her very relatable, incredibly enjoyable, and trustworthy. She "gets it" on so many levels — from the big universal picture to the day-to-day dealings of how companies actually work — and she helps reveal how they're all related. Just brilliant. 

Stacy has a very rare gift of being able to bridge the world of energetic spiritual work with practical matters…and she makes the process a deeply enriching and educational experience. She is the embodiment of a creative problem-solver because she knows how to hone in on the level(s) that need to be addressed, and is a master at offering an integral perspective on the issue at hand.”

Erin Clare Shea, Artist, Designer, and Shamanic Apprentice


“I was first drawn to Stacy after reading her blog. I liked how practical and straightforward she was in her approach.

In working with her one-on-one, Stacy helped me quickly cut through the noise to tap into what I really want to create with my business and how to hold the energy around this new creation as it forms. She also helped me shift some heavy energy that was holding me back, personally and professionally.

This has been an excellent investment in my business and personal life, as I’ve seen huge changes in what I’ve been able to manifest and attract to me in the short time since working with her. She is an excellent partner to have in any personal or professional endeavor.

Thank you, Stacy!”

Gillian Poe, Life Path Yoga and Wellness


“It’s hard to put in just a few words what I’ve gained by working with Stacy. Firstly, she helped me gain the clarity that I needed for understanding my emotional patterns, my voice, and the person that I'm being asked to grow to. This goes for not only my personal life but as a creative blogger and business owner. I understand now how important that is before making any decision pertaining to my business.

She helped strengthen my relationship with my intuition and gave me tools that I can use anytime I need to tap into it. I even learned how to connect with my business in a deeper way, looking at it as an entity that I must nurture, reflect on, build a relationship with, and make intentional business decisions from that perspective. 

I absolutely trust that I have a strong foundation for my business and I’m excited about the opportunity to work on it in a purposeful, intentional and soulful way… all thanks to the work Stacy and I have done.

Thank you Stacy! “

Nohely Perez, My Purpose Pursuit


“I am very grateful for having discovered Stacy. She has taken me on a journey which has helped me to reconnect with my joy and passion for life. With Stacy's help, I discovered places within myself where I held fear and resistance. I don't believe I would have uncovered these on my own.

Stacy is someone who, in my opinion, holds a rare combination of energy that is both very practical and grounded but also extremely intuitive. As a result of our work together,  dreams old and new are surfacing, and I am excited about what the future holds.”

Clare Gately

Who is this for?

Entrepreneurs who need to infuse their work with meaning and a new sense of direction.

Those who are considering healing, coaching or creative entrepreneurship.


Do you see clients in person or over the phone? 
I work with people all over the globe, so I only work via Zoom — which has a web chat and a phone dial in option. Most people web chat!

Do you only work with women?
Nope! I work mostly with women, but I do have some amazing guy clients.. 

How long do we work together?
I typically work with people for 8-weeks to kicks things off. After that folks pop in every now and again for a clarity session or a short stint of work to focus on something particular. Clients often also go on to participate in the Insight Group to help them as they bring their work to life.  

What is the investment?
This level of personal process is not one size fits all. It's deeply focused and targeted to implement change. You can check out my pricing reference sheet here. I also highly suggest setting up a consultation if you’re serious about getting help so you can fully understand the value of these sessions.

Do you offer a payment plan?
Absolutely! You can split the payment in two, although paying in full gets you a sweet discount!

How do I get started?
The first step is to set up a consultation. Let's make sure we're a fit and that what I do is what you need. You can set that up here. Once we talk we can decide what comes next!


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