Your soul work is a garden…

let’s let it bloom.


It’s not something you randomly choose to do. It emerges from you. It grows, like a garden.

It’s tempting to want to rush in; to start creating products and programs. A lot of business coaching begins with this step.

Starting in the middle doesn’t work. You’ll wind up somewhere that doesn’t make sense… that doesn’t work for you.

To create your business, the first step on your the journey must be about creating clarity: about yourself and your work.

They go hand in hand.

There’s something so beautifully soulful about this process. A lot of healing happens, so you stand in your power and lead yourself into the work you’re meant to be doing. In the process of finding yourself, you also come to know how you want to create your business — the products and programs that feel right for you, the way you wish to communicate and market your business and even how you must tend to yourself and your business, so it’s sustainable.

Yes, the way you figure out your work, your business, your niche, your brand — your everything — is first to know yourself.

Out of that, your garden grows.

Where we’ll go…

into The soil of your soul work

Tending to the soil is about unearthing your truth, your voice and what holds you back. It’s about doing the energetic work to truly transform old energetic patterns, experiences, and beliefs so you come to stand on fertile ground.

It’s through this gentle, yet powerful, healing work that you see your truth and hear your authentic voice. It’s where the confusion you have about your work gets cleared up, because you come to know your path.

And when you know yourself, you know what your work is to be about.

There’s magic in this work too, for soil is of the earth and the stars. Nature directs a natural unfolding of all things, and it’s in the soil we first connect with that so that the seeds you plant come to life. Intention and claiming and reclaiming happens with each new level of growth and season, and ritual can be a powerful part of that. So we toil there as well, to tend to your garden.

establishing a root system

This is where you come to know your work, your purpose, and why YOU are the one to do it.

It’s where you create a relationship with your business in a way that supports you in making decisions about your business and your life that feel authentic and aligned.

When it comes down to it, many people don’t really know their work… what they have to say through what they do, and why it’s important for their personal and spiritual well-being to do it. It’s why after all the busyness of doing subsides, they feel lost again… unclear.

It’s here where you create a deeply rooted awareness of what you do and how you must do it; where you embody your work in a way that lets you express yourself and what you are meant to do. So there is no confusion.

It’s by developing this root system that you build your trust and hear the voice of your business in ways that you can then speak of it and what you do, so others hear and see you.

And it’s from this deeply rooted sense of self and purpose and direction, that you know what you wish to offer.

allowing offerings to bloom

What you offer through your work emerges from the rooted awareness of Self and what you do. There is no random planting in your garden in the hope what you offer finds roots and takes off. Your offerings emerge from the roots you have established. What is uniquely yours to offer is felt and known when you learn to listen within and tap into your roots.

In traditional business coaching, it often feels as though the focus is on creating a product, or an offering, and then frantically launching it into the world and hope the roots form. But here, you learn to listen to what is organically yours to do… and how it must be done to thrive.

This is also where you learn to work with your business and your work— as guides — to follow a natural unfolding with your business so what you create is aligned with your business and your heart. With each offering, you create a mini-garden, if you will, that become a part of the greater ecosystem of your soulful business.

establishing a system of care for you and your soulful business

Your business will need tending to. That happens in a myriad of ways. It’s how you pour love on your garden, and yourself, so you both grow.

It’s here where you come to know your own energy and rhythms and cycles and how they dance with the energy of your business. You learn how to listen to your inner wisdom and your work to choose where your energy and attention must go each day to be in alignment. And where you learn to trust that process.

You learn to water and care for your business by caring for youself. Which is not always an easy thing to do.

You learn how to speak of your work in the world so you are seen; offering and selling in ways that feel true and good to you. It’s where you learn how you want to show up on social media and speak your work.

The watering and care of your garden is about all these things and more. And we’ll be looking at all of that so your garden thrives.


This work? It’s a blend of the spiritual and the practical because you need both.

This business of yours — this beautiful ecosystem that you are creating — is connected into something vast. And as much as our work together is about helping you create your work in the world, it’s also about helping you to work with your inner wisdom and intuition.

Because that is how you stay connected into the energy of your garden.

There’s energy all around you to help. And part of my work here is to teach you how to tap into that energy and a set of skills to use within your business.

The multi-faceted experience that creates your business is limitless. And your garden needs that. It needs both the energetic work and the practical, to bridge how you co-create and get things done.

It’s when you learn to work with your energy and your business in this way that you create an ecosystem where what you need — resources and people and sales — naturally gravitate with you.

This is where you ground into the energy of your work to make it so.

  • Where you get to stop all the hustle and, instead, focus on what feels real and true to you. Where you get to see yourself from the lens of your spirit; where your inner wisdom guides you.

  • Where you get to toss out all that you've been told by someone else about who you are, and what you should do, and how you should do it and follow your own clear inner direction.  

  • Where you get to recognize not only your work, but your offerings, and begin to put those out into the world in ways that feel good and true to you.

  • Where you get to find your voice to speak what you do in ways that people truly can hear.

  • Where you get to become so clear about who you are and what matters to you that you can't help but bring that to life through what you choose to do.

You come here and listen to your soul.
You heal. And you create the garden that is your soul work.

If you want, read what some of the women who I’ve worked with have to say about their process here.


erin (1).png

“I've had the honor of working with Stacy off and on since the spring of 2010, and she's helped me in countless ways over the years. Her unique blend of skills is unmatched, and her deep care and passion for what she does mean that her toolkit is always becoming more refined and robust.

Stacy's wonderful humor and personal expertise in the "real world" make working with her very relatable, incredibly enjoyable, and trustworthy. She "gets it" on so many levels — from the big universal picture to the day-to-day dealings of how companies actually work — and she helps reveal how they're all related. Just brilliant. 

Stacy has a very rare gift of being able to bridge the world of energetic spiritual work with practical matters…and she makes the process a deeply enriching and educational experience. She is the embodiment of a creative problem-solver because she knows how to hone in on the level(s) that need to be addressed, and is a master at offering an integral perspective on the issue at hand.”

Erin Clare Shea, Artist, Designer, and Shamanic Apprentice


“I was first drawn to Stacy after reading her blog. I liked how practical and straightforward she was in her approach.

In working with her one-on-one, Stacy helped me quickly cut through the noise to tap into what I really want to create with my business and how to hold the energy around this new creation as it forms. She also helped me shift some heavy energy that was holding me back, personally and professionally.

This has been an excellent investment in my business and personal life, as I’ve seen huge changes in what I’ve been able to manifest and attract to me in the short time since working with her. She is an excellent partner to have in any personal or professional endeavor.

Thank you, Stacy!”

Gillian Poe, Life Path Yoga and Wellness


“It’s hard to put in just a few words what I’ve gained by working with Stacy. Firstly, she helped me gain the clarity that I needed for understanding my emotional patterns, my voice, and the person that I'm being asked to grow to. This goes for not only my personal life but as a creative blogger and business owner. I understand now how important that is before making any decision pertaining to my business.

She helped strengthen my relationship with my intuition and gave me tools that I can use anytime I need to tap into it. I even learned how to connect with my business in a deeper way, looking at it as an entity that I must nurture, reflect on, build a relationship with, and make intentional business decisions from that perspective. 

I absolutely trust that I have a strong foundation for my business and I’m excited about the opportunity to work on it in a purposeful, intentional and soulful way… all thanks to the work Stacy and I have done.

Thank you Stacy!”

Nohely Perez, My Purpose Pursuit


“I happened upon Stacy via a writing of hers and wow did she have what I needed!

I needed to find my clarity and my voice. My inner thoughts were it’s a coming… but I did not want to wait. I still tried to push.

When I finally let go and took care of whatneeded to be taken care of - re-visited my needs - the clarity came (in its own time).

Stacy has great tools that helped all along the process and will keep helping always. Listening is just one part - hearing is another. Thank you Stacy!”

Laura Heuer, Laura Heuer Coaching


“I would like to thank Stacy for the amazing work she did with me.  In my business, I was feeling stuck and uncertain of how to move beyond some of my limiting beliefs.  I knew there were some unresolved issues from my family of origin resulting in energetic blocks, particularly around money and power.  She immediately was able to dip into that and help me not only get in touch energetically, but also viscerally.  She has such a nurturing way of working that I was able to feel safe going into the scary places.

She is a true healer and a remarkable mentor.  I am now able to move forward in my business with complete confidence.  Again, thank you!”

Nanette Giacoma,


Do you see clients in person or over the phone? 
I work with people all over the globe, so I only work via Zoom — which has a web chat and a phone dial in option. Most people web chat!

Do you only work with women?
Nope! I work mostly with women, but I do have some amazing guy clients.. 

How long do we work together?
I typically work with people for 3 or 6 months. It completely depends on what you want to see happen!

What is the investment?
This level of personal process is not one size fits all. It's deeply focused and targeted to implement change. You can check out my pricing information here. If you’re serious about getting help, please set up a consultation so you can fully understand the value of these sessions.

Do you offer a payment plan?
Absolutely! I offer a monthly plan for private work.

How do I get started?
The first step is to set up a consultation. Let's make sure we're a fit and that what I do is what you need. You can set that up here. Once we talk we can decide what comes next!