Soulful Work Mentor and Energy Coach

Now is the time to do work you love.

Let me help you get clear on what that is and how to make it so.

There's a new energetic paradigm in play. Your work must come through you, versus you fitting yourself into a job.  For that new job to show up, or for your business to work, you first need to be the person who can energetically and emotionally support the work that is aligned with you, to then attract it and own it like a boss.

And if that scares you because you don’t know what wants to move through you, or what your work should be these days, it's Ok.

I've got you.

Creating clarity and figuring out how to manifest work that makes your soul sing is what these 3 online courses are here to help you with.

you're ready to do something new with your work so it's natural to be
a little confused as to what work would suit you best. 

There are, however, 3 steps to figuring this all out:

  1. (Re)envisioning your work. That's about re-connecting to your purpose and your passion, and recognizing how you need to grow to manifest the work that you're now aligned with.
  2. Creating a clear and concise blueprint of what you need and want that is aligned with your highest potential (the new you) to use as a manifesting tool.
  3. Learning how you can co-create your new work into being, from the inside out - working with the energy, your guides, and your inner wisdom.

What you do, and why you do it, matters.

How you approach the process of defining and manifesting work that suits you must be aligned with who you are... and that's probably really different than how you found the job you're in now.

create the clarity you need around what your work is... and what you need to make it so.

If you're hearing the call to finally do work that you love - work that just feels right - then I hope you will join me to open yourself up to some answers and a new direction.

Each course is a stand-alone course, and... they all fit together. To get the most out of the process, join me for all 3!

Here's how the online intensives work:

There are two live online gatherings. 4 hours of experiential work.

If you're expecting a "talking head" webinar, think again! The group web-calls offer face-time where I'll be doing some teaching and some experiential work - guided energetic processes and some laser coaching/energy healing.

The first call will introduce the topic as we dive into the work. Your transformational work begins with the live exercises and intentional conversation on that call. You'll also get a clear understanding of the homework, and how to approach it for full impact.

Then, we gather again to specifically work on what came up with some group laser coaching and healing to move you through it.  

This is your opportunity to go deep into your process and get help.

Group coaching & healing work like this is particularly potent. Even if you're not on the "hot seat" working on something with me, you're still benefitting big time. Whomever I am working with at the moment is working on something that you're experiencing in some way too. You'll see yourself in what we do and have the opportunity to shift your energy and work on your stuff right along with us. 

in between the two calls, you've got homework.

With each course, you'll receive a workbook to guide you through your own process-work for insight and answers. The workbooks are a powerful complement to the live work we'll be doing on the calls. The in-depth strategic exercises offer you ways to access to levels of information to make new decisions.

And, you have time between the live calls to dive into the work. So you can go slow and let things shift. Then, bring your questions, your "ahas," and anything you need support with to the 2nd call. 

Email Support

While your doing your homework, if you need some extra support before the next call, you are welcome to email me for a little help. I'll offer up some insight that can help move you along. You can reach out to me over the course of the course!

Accountability Partners

If you want to have a partner to work with - someone to check in with and hold you accountable for getting the work done, or taking steps toward you goals - I'll connect folks in the class. It's a great way to get an extra layer of support, and help you stay on track. It's optional... but there for you!

You'll really see momentum if you move through all three classes,
so I highly encourage you to go all in.

Are you ready to do work you love?


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Course Descriptions


(Re) Envisioning Your Work: Creating the foundation for making a soulful living.

May 15 & 29
6:30pm - 8:30pm EST

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$79.00 USD - Single course  // $190 USD - Bundle All 3 Courses

In this course, you'll be focusing on what you need to know about you, to make the best choice for the work that's ahead.

Your job search these days must start with an inner search, to know your next step. The Universe is asking you to grow and then take your new awareness into your work.

It's easy to get into a panic around work and just set off running in a familiar direction. But these days, when you do that, you hit a wall. That old direction is limiting. You need to step onto a new path, one that may not fully be on your radar... yet.

So let's get you clear on who you are growing into, by tapping you into your inner wisdom as you set a strong foundation for your next step.  

This is what you'll be learning & doing:

  • Creating clarity around your purpose - your soul-skill & how you can apply that to future work.
  • Re-envisioning your zone of genius: your gifts and what inspires you that you've not been utilizing.
  • Understanding the growth you need to step into what's next (as a person and with your work).
  • Seeing the bigger picture of your work - what you need and want to create work that is aligned with you.

You'll be poised and ready for the 2nd course and setting up a clear vibrational blueprint - the juicy, aligned details for the work that will make you and your soul sing!

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The Blueprint. Creating a concise "ask" to manifest from.

June 5 & 19
6:30pm - 8:30pm EST

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$79.00 USD - Single course  // $190 USD - Bundle All 3 Courses

In this course, you'll be creating your unique vibrational blueprint to guide both you and the Universe toward the work you seek.

This process is a powerful blend of soulfully defining the direction you want your work to go in with creating a clear awareness of what you both want and need at a spirit level.

This is more than a list of ideas. You'll be tapping into the energetics of this blueprint as you develop it. It will become your vibrational litmus test to what does and doesn't resonate with you, so you know that the work you manifest will then be the work that is most aligned with you.

One of the big challenges clients of mine have is recognizing what they want and need... knowing what is truly aligned with them. They second guess themselves and go after things that are often based in someone else's energy - what they think they should do. 

And then they fail because they are trying to manifest something that is not a vibrational fit... what they truly want and need.

So how about you set up a blueprint that will reflect your divine plan... so as you follow that you get where you want to get?

This is what you'll be learning & doing:

  • Learning how to energetically discern what is aligned with your spirit, as you define each element of your new work and want you seek.
  • Creating a clear vibrational "ask" of the universe around what you want and need, how you want to grow through this work, what you offer and more. You'll work through my "vibrational blueprint" process to help you see a much bigger picture of the energetics of what you are creating, so you hold integrity in all areas.
  • Activating your blueprint and intention with your Guides.
  • Learning how to move forward in your manifesting process, staying present to your blueprint.

You'll be ready to go then for the 3rd course in the series, co-creating your work and making it so.  

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co-Creative manifesting: Learning a new way of manifesting work you love.

June 26 & July 10
6:30pm - 8:30pm EST

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$79.00 USD - Single course  // $190 USD - Bundle All 3 Courses

In this course, you'll be focusing on manifesting in the new energy paradigm. No more pushing; no more trying to figure out how to make things work.

I see a whole lot of conscious people still struggling with how to manifest something new. And I get it; there's a lot to process. And, there's a lot of confusing information out there about manifesting. I'd like to help you bring it home... make it simple.

Let me teach you how to follow your own energy and inner direction so you take it step-by-step and you know where you are every step of the way.

Co-creative manifesting is all about working with your inner wisdom, the Universe, and your Guides. This is about you learning to engage with your energy where you have the most impact. And most of the folks I work with are trying way too hard to find the path and allow things to flow. And to be totally frank, a whole lot of people are spending too much time in "visualizing mode"  and not seeing things happen.

You'll manifest things faster, by learning to co-create "with energy" and being in your body and the present moment.

So how about learning how to co-create and get out of all that manifesting mumbo-jumbo?

This is what you'll be learning & doing:

  • Meeting your team of Guides and helpers.
  • Learning to discern the energy of your new job or business - as a consciousness.
  • Getting clear on what happens with your energy when you move in the right direction (and when you don't).
  • Learning to work in the moment of now, where your power is, versus out in the future where you have no impact.

You'll set yourself into motion to manifest what's next, in a co-creative process with energy. This course will give you the tools and the support to set course for what you want, as you work with your Guides to make it so.

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Pick Your WorkLove Course

Are these courses for you?

If you're ready to roll up your sleeves and figure out what's been eluding you around want you want to be doing that will make your heart sing, then yes... these 3 courses will help you see yourself in a new way and make some new decisions.  

If you're still not sure, here's a bit of a check list. If you see yourself here, then you'll fit right in:

  • You're in a work transition. Maybe you're just starting to think about creating a change or you're mid-leap. Perhaps you're heading into your second career or retirement, where you get to call the shots (which can be overwhelming!). No matter what, you're working on figuring out what you want and then how to get it.
  • You're tuned-in to your inner wisdom. You've got some spiritual mojo going on... even if it's new. 
  • You're grounded. Sure, you might have a little woo-woo going on (and I love you for that), but you mean business. And that's important; the energetic work is powerful... you can learn a lot through that. But it's also time to get moving and get doing what matters.

Register today.

Get signed up and join me on the live calls to get in there and figure some things out.

Your dream work is out there... and within you is the key to making it happen.


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