Get to Know the Voice of Your Business:
Aligning Your Social Media with the Heart of What You Do.

February 28, 2019
6:30Pm - 8:30pm

@The Purpose Collective IN Asheville NC
101 Stone Ridge Blvd, Asheville, NC 28804


It never fails. When you get to know the voice of your business — through your intuition and inner wisdom — you clear out the outside noise and hear the clear message of what you do.

And when you represent your work as a mirror of that message on social media, people get you. 

But if you're not sure about what your message is and how to talk about your work in a way that feels truly aligned with what you know your work to be, being your own social media manager might be the thing that makes you want to tear your hair out

You want to share something that truly represents who you are and what you do in a way that feels aligned with your heart and soul. But because the whole "what do I do and how do I want to be talking about it" thing is unclear, you post a picture of your cat instead. (#beenthere)

Here's the thing though. Your social media can be a place where you get real and share the truth of who you are and what you do, so people truly get to know the beauty of your work.

This isn’t about selling. It's about telling your story. Finding your voice through your work so people hear — and see — what  is so unique about what you do.

How do you find that?
You get to know the voice of your business.

Yes, you talk to your business. You learn to discern its unique voice in a way you can trust. And, by asking a few simple questions, you create more clarity around how you need to speak about your work in a way that feels aligned and true to who you are.

Let me teach you how to connect with the voice of your business through a playful — and powerful — intuitive process. Let's bring your business to life in a way you never imagined as you tap into its energy, its essence, its voice, and it's knowledge as you explore:

  • What your business has to say about your message.

  • What the energy, essence, and tone of your business voice are (and how to translate that into what you post).

  • How you and your business can get on the same page to best express what you do.

  • How your social media can become the vehicle for sharing what’s at the core of your work and business.

  • How you can align with the core message that your work offers, so your posts inspire people to follow you.

Bring a notebook, as we'll roll up our sleeves here through some playful and informative exercises. You'll walk away with new insight and answers… and a new partner to guide you along the way!


Who is this class for?
Healers, coaches and creatives looking to create clarity around what they do and how to best talk about it - especially how to post on Facebook and Instagram in a way that gives voice to their soul work.

If I have questions about social media, can you help?
Eh… not so much. This workshop is about learning to tap into the wisdom of your business via your intuition so you can tune out the noise, hear the message of your work, and figure out how you can share the truth of what you work is about and what you do. You’ll learn more about the what to post than the technical stuff.

I’ll be sharing how I support my clients around the clarity of their social media though, big time!