Get to Know the Voice of Your Business

Join me for a workshop full of insight and answers about your soul work

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“An incredibly deep and transformative experience — total game changer.”

“Stacy creates a process that allows you to connect with the true essence of your business so that you can bring your authentic voice into the world.”

“Stacy is a wonderful guide. The visualization was profound, powerful, and totally unexpected!”

Your business has a voice. It has a look, a feel, a vibe, a tone, and a clear message for you. It has a message about what your work truly is and how you can speak of it. So you “get” what you’re doing. So others get it too.

You have access to this level of information; this clarity.

Whether you're just starting out with your soulful biz and aren't sure what direction you're going in, or you've been doing your thing for a while and something new is ready to manifest, learning to listen to your business at this intuitive level helps you get clarity.

But you can’t get to it by thinking. You must connect with the energy of your business… the voice of your business. You must learn to listen to what it has to say to you, how it can guide you.

This is the intuitive play space you’ll enter here. And oh what a powerful space it is.

You’ll connect with your business — your work — in a way that will help you to:

  • recognize what you do; what your work is about at its core

  • hear how you can speak of your work from a place of clarity and authenticity

  • clarify the essence of your work so you can focus there in all you create with it

  • see who you need to be, to stand in the power of what you do

  • know how to ground your intuited information into practical next steps

You’ll be getting a ton of information about your work and business in a short amount of time. But don’t worry, you’ll anchor that through some lively discussion. The guided process is powerful, but oh my… the soulful conversation that ensues is where things will click!

I’ll also have a handout for you to work with after the workshop, to stay in touch with your biz and get into action with what you learn.


“Stacy’s class content is so original and unique. I loved her approach to getting to know and connect with the voice of my business. I’m so excited to get to hang out with my business now!”

“I’ve often felt intimidated about being in touch with my intuition… Stacy created such an inspiring way for me to do so!”

Let's bring your business to life in a way you never imagined as you tap into its energy, its essence, and its voice.

This is an interactive, experiential webinar workshop, so come ready to do some playful work. You'll walk away with new insight and answers… and a new partner to guide you along the way!

Bring a notebook to jot down your aha moments.


“This workshop gave me perspective, rejuvenation and more confidence in expressing myself in my marketing from a more authentic place.”

“Stacy’s workshop was full of clarity and motivation, yet gentle and supportive in its nature. Stacy always creates a space of grace and ease.”

Get to Know the Voice of Your Business

Registration is now closed.


Who is this class for?
Soulful entrepreneurs looking to create clarity around what they do and how to best talk about it - finding a voice for their soul work.

You are welcome to join even if you’re just getting started and aren’t totally sure what you’re business is. And if you’ve been in business for a while are things are changing and you need new insight, you’ll get there here. Either way, what a great way to get clarity!

Will this be recorded or do I need to be there?
Plan to be there live. The guided process is just half the fun. So many more aha moments come through the conversation after! But if you really can’t be there, you can always grab the recording but please know that only the full group discussion will be recorded. You may miss out on the smaller group conversation.