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Get ready to do some inner work that will help you figure some things out and make some new connections around how you need to grow to get out there and do what you are here to do!

Day 1: You’re going to tap into your purpose. NOT the mystical thing you think you are here to do, but your TRUE magical mojo purpose. You’ll work through some powerful prompts to help you figure some stuff out – like how to express your purpose through what you do.

DAY 2: What’s purpose without passion? This exercise is JUICY and will show you where your work can feel exciting and purposeful to you.

DAY 3: I’m going to teach you how to work WITH your energy to move through the emotional blocks and old beliefs that hold you back.

Day 4: You’ll uncover where your spirit is asking you to grow… where your growing edge is around you living a more soulful life and creating a more soulful living.

Day 5: We’ll wrap it up with 3 powerful questions to help you integrate what you have learned and set course for what’s next.

It’s time to love your work. It’s time to create a soulful living. Are you in?!

I'm in!