The Soulful Business Course

A journey into the business that’s calling you

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“Thank YOU for creating this e-course and being so right on!! What a journey these last 5 days have been.”


I’ve been on a journey with my business. It’s taken me a long time to come to know my work in a way that felt soulful; powerful even.

The path I’ve walked has taken me from intuitive, to bodyworker, to spiritual coach, to mentor for those seeking both clarity and healing as they embrace and do their work in the world.

It’s also taken me from total confusion about my work — and the struggle within that — to clarity and trust.

Starting out, I simply did what came naturally to me: healing work. Never did I imagine that I had something to say through my work. Something my soul needed to express that would make sense of why I needed to be doing this work of mine in the first place.

But I did. You do too.

I strongly believe that in order for your business to thrive, you must do two things:

  • Create your business based on what you must speak; the message you have that comes from your soul. 

  • Learn to listen within and create systems and products and ways of running your business that follow your truth… not someone else’s plan or method of success. 

The Soulful Business course is about tapping into both of those key concepts.

It’s a course to help you recognize, and even solidify, a foundation of clarity, as you take the wheel and create a business that feels good and true to you. One that lets you evolve, through what you do.

The Soulful Business Course is a way to explore and establish this foundation for your work; a beautiful and necessary piece of your journey that all too often gets skipped.

This level of clarity around what you do doesn’t come from your head. It’s not about clicking off a checklist of “to-dos” to build a business.

It comes from slowing down and listening within; learning to listen to your inner wisdom, your heart, and even the soul of your business to find what is naturally unfolding. To come to know that your business has an energetic side to it that you must learn to work with so you move toward what aligns with you and your purpose.

It comes from recognizing what you are being called to speak — through your work — and how you are being called to manage your business in ways that help you thrive and evolve, personally and spiritually.

This course has a lot to it within its 5 lessons. You’ll have a lot to think about to help you make sense of your work. You’ll also experience some new intuitive inner work, methods to help you get answers and insight.


This course is a soulful start to your business, so you create what you need from a place of trust.

The soulful business course will help you to:

  • Listen within to your inner wisdom. To learn a skill that enables you understand what you need to know, to make decisions about your business that feel true to you… that you trust.

  • See your purpose… your “what matters.” You have something to say through your work. It’s time to claim that and let it fuel the work you are here to do.

  • Connect with the soul of your business. To know your business as more than just your modality. It’s bigger than just you, even. There is a vibrational counterpart to your business, that when you connect with it, can teach you so much about how your business needs to unfold.

  • Recognize your own energy, your personal ecosystem, and what you need within your business, so you and your business thrive.

Whether you are considering the idea of creating a business for yourself, or you’re revamping what isn’t quite working for you, take the time now to create a strong energetic foundation for your work. It will save you time, energy and money down the road.

Doing the work to create a solid foundation will help you come home to your work, as you create a soulful business you love.

The Soulful Business Course
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welcome to the soulful business course

You’ll focus on four things:

  • Your inner wisdom: learning to make sense of what’s going on with your energy, your feelings, and your intuition. This will become your greatest business tool.

  • Your inner compass: creating clarity around your purpose and what matters to you; the voice of your work that drives you forward.

  • The soul of your business: connecting with the energetic source of your business; a constant source of information about the natural unfolding of your work.

  • Your personal ecosystem: understanding the dance between you and your business so what you create lets you evolve and thrive.


This is a self-guided course, with 5 in-depth experiential lessons — over 2 hours of information and experiential work to help you create the clarity you need as you create the business that’s calling you.

Each lesson comes to you via email, with an audio lesson, a written transcript, and an exercise to help you open to new ideas.

Three guided meditations, in all, offer you a way to practice what the course offers up as you tap into your inner wisdom, your energy, and the soul of your business. You’ll also receive a final PDF of the full course so you can come back to this guidance all in one place.

The Soulful Business Course

Lesson Details

Lesson 1: Your Inner Wisdom

You’ll begin with connecting into your inner wisdom. Because to create a soulful business, you must follow your own inner guidance.

You must come to recognize your inner cues as to what is true to you, so you follow your path (and not someone else’s). You must know how to tap into what is an unlimited resource to gain insight, trust your decisions, and confidently work through all the questions you'll have with your business

To do that, you need to know how to listen within and not get lost in the process; stuck in the murkiness of your own wisdom.

So, let me teach you a new skill: how to tune-in and make sense of your intuition; how to recognize the messages that will guide your forward.


Lesson 2: Your Inner Compass

When your "what matters" is hazy (or missing all-together) you never know how to answer the "what do you do" question. You flip-flop around what you do and how to do it. You speak modality, perhaps, but you never really zero-in on what you’re creating an impact around.

You also get lost in the crowd because you haven't yet claimed your work in a way that resonates with people; that lets people recognize themselves in what you do.

You have a message beyond your modality and it's critical to find that before you leap into doing… selling and marketing. 

With lesson two, you'll dive into your "what matters." I have three really good questions to help you fetter out what your work and message are about. It’s a different way to explore your purpose, one that will get things to click.

Lesson 3: The Soul of Your Business

It's said that 90% of what happens with your business is about mindset,  alignment, and energy. So, knowing the energy of your business is vital to your success.⠀

Every part of your business can be guided with the help of this energetic side of your business — everything from understanding what you do, to your marketing, to how you set up your business itself. 

But first, you must come to know it. To recognize it. To trust it. And to be able to call it in, again and again. Because you and the soul of your business are in this together.

The guided meditation I have for you will be the beginning of a beautiful relationship. One that will guide you forward in all you do with more ease.


Lesson 4: Your Personal Ecosystem

For your soulful business to thrive, you’ve got to pay attention to how things work for you and your business. Listening within for your subtle (or not so subtle) cues as to what helps you stay in the flow is critical. It's how you know what moves you into alignment with your life and work, and where you are in resistance and holding yourself back. It helps you make the decisions you need make for your business to unfold in the way it must.

And when you and your business are stuck, it's because you aren't running your business in a way that you and it are aligned. You're heading off into things that take up energy or are unnecessary for you. 

In this lesson, I teach you a critical process for coming back into the flow of with your business when you end up out of sync with it.


Lesson 5: Connecting the Dots

There's a real shift that happens with your business when all of a sudden, you're "all in" because you get it; you get what you are doing and why. You have something to say and share beyond your modality or your craft.

You see the value of your work… its place in this world. And why you're the one to do it. You see your own value.

And unfortunately, so many soulpreneurs don't spend the time needed to recognize this level of their work. The work itself calls them in, before they know the why. They're too outwardly focus, at first.

So lesson five gives you a way to connect the dots to what you have learned; to take some of the energetic subtext and make it real. You’ll put the pieces together so you know where you’re headed next.


Who is this for?

The Soulful Business Course is for soulful entrepreneurs either just starting out with their business or realizing that they must learn to approach their business in a new way… learn a new way of being in relationship with their business.

It’s for coaches and healers and artists and those who long to create a business that they love. One that sustains them.

It’s for those who may be new to working with energy and their intuition, but sense that their inner wisdom needs to play a key role in their business. And it’s for those who have been doing energy work for years; it’s never too late to learn some new tricks.

Mostly, it’s for you if you feel you need to come back home with your work, to create a level of clarity around what you do. If you’re tired of second-guessing what your work is about, this is the place to start.

It is a foundational, introductory, e-course. A good one to begin with before diving into the additional e-courses that will be available as part of my “Soul of Your Business” series.

Questions? Feel free to reach out.