Soul Work Sessions.

Your business is going to require some support along the way.

At times that help might look like a drop-in session like this, to help you access a new level of information and understanding that you’re simply not able to get to on your own.

Sometimes all you need is a focused session to clarify something about your business like getting clear on your direction, recognizing a strategy for how to move forward or making an inner shift from stuckness back into flow.

These Soul Work Sessions are potent. We’ll be covering a range of territory:

  • Your business: as we call in the soul of your business - or deva - and explore what is needed to set you on a clear course.

  • Your energy: as we do the emotional and energetic work to shift old patterns and create new insight.

  • Your game plan: as we explore (with your business) what next steps you need to take; what strategy needs to be set into motion.

If what you’re working on is bigger than what one session can hole, we can create a package of up to 3 sessions to spread out over a short period of time. That gives you a way to stay open to the changes you’re making… the things you need to keep clarifying to create what’s next with your work.

To book a Soulwork Session or pack, please set up a consultation. I like to be sure we have a chance to speak briefly before scheduling to make sure we’re on the same page.

Soulwork Sessions
$250.00 USD
90-minute sessions via Zoom/Phone

If you’ve already done some work with me, you can email me to set up a session.

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