I’m a big fan of letting folks know ahead of our consultation time what my rates are. I know, that’s unusual in the coaching world. But how else can you plan… maybe budget?

There are different ways to work with me… single sessions, longer mentoring programs, 1/2 days, small groups and even e-courses. I know that if you’re looking for support from me, together we can come up with a way to get you the help you seek.

Whether that’s through private work or an e-course you can work from on your own, I want to help you find what’s right for you.

So, if you’re ready to explore working together in some way, please set up a consultation. I’m happy to talk with you and go over all the options that will help you create the clarity you seek in a way that feels right to you.

Here are my current prices for services.

Private Mentoring.

Private Mentoring is an 8-week deep dive into figuring things out. If you feel at a loss as to what you’re here to do, what your work is about and how to create work that feels aligned with you, then this is where I suggest you begin.

Let’s create a strong foundation of your work so you can stand in the power of what you do.

Get full details here.

$1,400 paid in full | Payment plan: $750/month

Soulwork Sessions

Soulwork Sessions are single sessions. You can also purchase a few of these (up to 3) to get targeted support.

These are great for those who have done the Private Mentoring with me who need a check-in from time to time, or if you want to explore a single issue with your work.

I’ve certainly parlayed a Soulwork Session into the longer mentoring work too; where when we’ve gotten started in a drop-in session, we’ve seen that the transformation will take a bit more focus to truly support you.

Take a look at what these sessions offer here.

90-minute sessions | $250 each

Project Planning with Your Business

Project Planning with Your Business offers a ½ day session with me to roll up our sleeves, call in your inner wisdom and your business and create a plan for your next project or program. We’ll look at everything, and I mean everything, to make sure that what you are creating for your business aligns with you in all ways.

Get the full details of these powerful planning sessions here.

$650 USD

Vision Planning with Your Business

Vision Planning with Your Business offers ½ day journey into what the soul of your business is dreaming up for you in the coming months and year. Together we’ll explore the consciousness of your business as well as what feels most aligned for you to create with it… so you then have a road map to follow.  

Learn more about vision planning with your biz here.

$650 USD

The Insight Group

These are small, intimate groups of women who come together online to create an intuitive practice of finding their way and staying on track with their work and their lives. They run every 3 months, starting typically with each season.

$500 USD

Prices are subject to change, without notice.