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Trusting the Big Asks from the Universe, with guest Robin Funsten

What do you do when it seems like the universe has a big ask of you… where you recognize that something big and new has to happen in your work, in your life, and you’re looking at it and thinking, this is big… and scary?

This week my guest is Robin Funsten. She and I talk about a pretty big ask that the universe had of her with her business. We talk about how to move into trust of that, saying yes, and how to keep saying yes through the ups and downs. There’s a whole lot of good juicy ideas in this episode. Take a listen.

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What’s Your Soapbox Story?

What do you care about? What drives you in your life? What do you believe, that helps you make sense of the world?

I think that everyone has a metaphorical soapbox that they stand upon, where they tell the story of why they're here, what they believe is the focus of their life.

Not everyone knows their “soapbox story” though, which can lead to feeling lost in life… feeling off-purpose. And some us struggle with owning our story, and saying that what we care about, really matters.

But our spirit work is to bring our soapbox story to life in some way – to create an impact on the world in some way because something about this life really matters to us.

This is about knowing who you are and what fuels your purpose.

Just think what would happen if you stepped into that and you let that fuel all of the choices that you make.

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Workplace Mindfulness: Bringing More of Your Spirit into Your Work Day

Work and spirituality often seem at odds. Most of the people I coach struggle with how to bring more of their spirit into their work… or find work that lets their spirits soar.

But bringing a little mindful “work woo” into your 9-5 can help you get through the day feeling more aligned with your heart and living your truth. It can help you connect with a sense of purpose at work. And by tending to what your spirit needs when at work, work can become a place where you express your highest vibe.

And no, you don’t need to cart in the candles and patchouli into your office to work from a more spirit-driven place. I’ve got some other, more grounded ideas for you.

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The Balance Between Hustle and Flow

In the spiritual world, these days it’s all about flow; listening within to find your way, making aligned choices, and following the path of ease.

Hustle is an opposing force; yet we hear about it too. In many ways, hustle gets a bad rap… it’s become all about force and busyness.

This clash is creating a rising conflict in my mind, because to break through your own barriers and do something new in your life – create something that is new to you or new to the world – you’re going to need to light a fire within and hustle a little.

There is a way to do hustle, and at the same time, be in flow.

In this episode, I’m talking about how to master both.

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Do You Need to Be In a Mastermind?

Mastermind groups aren’t new, but they still might be unfamiliar to you. So in this espisode I talk about what these groups are and why getting into one might just be the best thing ever for you.

Every big change I have made in life was supported - even instigated - by a mastermind group. They’re that powerful.

So if you’re looking for support to keep moving ahead, listen in to this week’s episode for what a mastermind group can offer you.

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Why Is It So Hard to Figure Out What We Want To Do In Life?

I don’t think it matters if you’re 22 or 52, figuring out what you want to do that will both make you happy and support you can be a challenge.

You probably haven't been taught to find ways of merging your interests and skills into some kind of practical work. Plus, sometimes standing up and saying what you want is scary as all get-up. You may mot believe it's even possible... and therefor have shoved it into the back recess of your mind.

So today let's talk about the one big change that you can start to make that will help you figure out what you want  to do when you grow up.

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Can You Really Make Money Doing Work You Love?

Can I really make money doing what I love? That’s one of the questions I hear the most from new clients. 

I believe the answer is yes.

Sadly, most people won’t ever find out if they can create work that’s meaningful and supportive in all ways. The fear of change will hold them back. The confusion of what that work is might paralyze them. And not knowing how to create a change at this level might just keep them stuck in work that isn’t fulfilling… or serving their spirit in any way.

And then there’s the idea that somehow, by doing work that you love you’ll be doing work that’s less valuable - feeding this common idea that if you embark on work you love, you’ll, of course, make less money.

But don’t forget…. When you claim what’s important and align yourself with work that matters, you’re up-leveling, not down-leveling.

So, let’s talk about if you really can do work that you love and also make a living… and how to set that in motion.

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1 Big Question to Help You Find Your Purpose

What's my purpose? What should I be doing? I hear those questions a lot.

When people get stuck around the "purpose" question, it's as though their energy just spins. Confusion sets in. They grasp at straws to find the answer.

But really, there's one big question you need to answer, to know your purpose.

In this episode I ask it of you, and give you a sense of how to go about answering it for yourself. 

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Doing Work That Matters. It's a Spiritual Shift

People are awakening, all over the globe. That’s not new news. There is a huge shift happening that’s impacting every sector of our lives. And it starts with how we understand ourselves and what becomes important …and how willing we are to step into that person and be who we are meant to be.

And for many, there is no bigger test of this spiritual up-leveling than with their work.

To align with your spirit and your spiritual evolution, you gotta be doing work that matters to you… and now is the time to make it so.

So, today, let’s talk about this spiritual shift, and how it might just be pushing you to grow through what you do.

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