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Awakening Your Intuition and Energy: Why You Don't Need That Activation

There's no doubt that we are living through an awakening, a shift in consciousness and energetic awareness. Over the past years, there's been an incredible new language set into place with energy work and healing work. More and more people are reaching out for activations and attunements to step into new vibrational states... awareness.

In this episode, I call bull-s#*t on some of that. You don't need the activation, trust me.

Listen to this week's episode and step into your power around your energetic process work. You already have what you need to create clarity, healing and the new awareness you seek.

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Trusting Your Healing Journey. Detours and Going Deep.

Going on a healing journey — a journey of awareness — is never a linear process. And when you work with your intuition and inner wisdom as a guide into that process, most likely you'll be shown a starting point that makes you question what "that" could possibly have to do with what you're wanting to change.

Trusting the non-linear way your inner wisdom and spirit work can help you get into a level of healing your head has no knowledge of. But one that will change you more quickly, and more deeply, than you could ever dream of. And, that's a good thing.

This week I talk about trusting this and going deep...

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Breaking the Rules with Your Intuitive Process (and with your life)

It's natural to want a step-by-step process when learning to work with your intuition and inner wisdom. And although there are skills to learn, this inner work is truly self-directed. It's an exploration. Letting go of any rules or steps, and trusting your instincts, is the key to finding your way into new information and growth. It's also a metaphor for living fully. This week's chat felt like a journey for me. With each thought, I was putting together ideas that turned into a pretty big "aha" moment for me. Perhaps you too.

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Are you limiting your intuition by how you view intuition?

Do you believe yourself to be intuitive? What does that mean to you? For a lot of folks, intuition is a flash, a gut feeling in a sense that seems to come out of nowhere. Some people think that only "psychic" people have access to this level of information.

Me? I think those flashes of intuition don't sum of the whole story of what intuition is about. Far from it. There's actually an "everyday" way that we access our intuition that shifts us into more personal power. And every single person has access to this level of intuitive power.

So let's talk about how you think of intuition. I'll share how I see it, and how I work with it. And how you can too.

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How to trust your inner wisdom.

Trusting your inner wisdom, your intuition, isn't always easy. But sometimes the reason why is because you're focusing on the wrong thing. Especially if you're working with your inner wisdom somewhat sporadically - when you need an answer to a question - what you get back will feel untrustworthy. There's no foundation there for context and understanding.

So let's talk about how to create more trust in your inner wisdom, your intuition, and yourself.

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Getting Intuitive Information is Super Cool. Just Don’t Get Stuck There - Episode 33

There’s a coolness factor when it comes to tapping into a level of inner wisdom and guidance that comes from beyond you. It's fascinating to be able to access a level of information that is outside your rational mind. It's really cool to be able to work with guides and receive information that seemingly comes out of nowhere... but lands as a truth.

But the truth is when you tap into intuitive and psychic information and you start dabbling with energy work, what you're doing is you’re accessing a level of information that's going to transform you. And taking the leap into that transformation requires bravery, trust, and a willingness to change that I think often gets lost when people get interested in all things intuitive.

At least at first.

In this episode, I’m talking about bravery and intuitive work; shifting out of the fun part where you're receiving all kinds of neat messages and having fascinating experiences with the unknown, to then getting down to the nitty-gritty work of transformation.

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Creative Thinking and Intuition: Why You Gotta Go There

If you want to work with your intuition – to work with energy, your inner wisdom, and guidance from beyond your rational mind – you’ve got to develop some “out of the box” thinking to see something new. You’ve got to give yourself a way to recognize something that is beyond your current mindset; something maybe even unrecognizable at the moment

How do you go about understanding something that is new or not yet clear to you? You start with your imagination and creativity to seek out answers and help you make sense of what you sense so you can see it and understand it… even acclimate to it.

But the problem is, most people don’t trust their answers then. They think the information they’re receiving is completely made up and irrelevant because it’s coming through their imagination.

So today, let’s talk about how to build that trust and why it’s so important to get creative when it comes to you doing intuitive work.

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When Your Intuition is Like, “Yeah, You’re Not Gonna Like This”

It kind of sucks when your intuitive wisdom tells you something that you don’t really want to hear. When you ask yourself, your guides, or the universe a direct question like, “Is this what I’m to do?” and you get an answer that disappoints you in some way… or challenges you.

If you’re really listening in a way that gets you to your truth, sometimes you’ll recognize that you are being guided in a direction that’s hard, or not what you hoped you’d hear.

That’s when you know this stuff is real. That’s when you know you have a choice to make as to whether you listen to your head or your intuition.

So today, let’s talk about your intuition and how sometimes it’s gonna tell you things you just don’t want to hear... and how to deal with that.

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Feeling Guilty Because You’re Not Meditating?

If you're confused about what your spiritual practice needs to be, then there are some key things you want to look at; to get clear on.

Sometimes there’s a real message in that confusion, like get off your butt and do your inner work. But all too often this confusion is about comparison and self-judgment; not knowing how to discern what you need as a spiritual practice, and trusting your instincts on how to integrate that into your daily life.

In this episode, I talk about how you can ease into a spiritual practice that works for you and kick that confusion to the curb. Because honestly, confusion around your spiritual process - how you tap into your wisdom for healing - is going to hold you back.

I offer up a few key ideas to be aware of when you start wondering if your meditation practice is the right one; if what you’re doing is what you should be doing.

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Being an Everyday Lightworker (An Energy Renegade)

Being an “Everyday Lightworker” is a little bit like being an energy renegade. These days there’s a new wave of Lightworkers in town, those taking their work – and their energetic awareness – to the streets… into the everyday world.

Mission-driven, spiritually-aware, do-gooders are taking their awakened selves out into the world in grounded and practical ways to create change… for themselves and their communities. 

Everyday Lightworking isn’t necessarily about focusing on our 5D experience and working the energetic grids, but grounding our multidimensional experience and staying aware of that, while also tending to our daily life. In fact, it’s how we move our daily life forward.

In this episode, I’m talking about what “everyday lightworking” means, and offering up a few questions to get you thinking about your life, your energy, and how you move your spiritual mojo out into the world.

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Why You Don't Trust Your Intuition

There are a lot of reasons why you probably don't trust your intuition. For the most part, you're taught not to.

"Psychic" is a thing that gets put on a pedestal, glamorized even. It's made special, which keeps people from recognizing that they have an innate way of accessing information at an intuitive level.

And even people who feel like they're "intuitive," don't trust themselves and the information they access when it really matters.

So in this episode, I'm talking about intuition - how you access it and how you can practice trusting it. I offer up a simple, yet profound, energetic tool as a way to get answers and build that trust muscle.

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How Do You Know What is Truly Aligned with You?

How do you know when something is aligned with you?

If you feel inspired to do something, and it fails or falls flat, does this mean it wasn’t aligned with your soul… or is something else getting in the way?

Getting things to manifest can be tricky business. We can feel in our bones that something is right, and still not see it come to be. And although alignment is very important, it may not be all that’s in play when it comes to you creating what you seek.

So in this week's episode, I'm talking about how you can sense into alignment, and what gets in your way.

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