You, Your Spiritual Evolution, and This 3D Life. Yep… Your 3D Life


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Because I do so much energetic work, I meet up with a lot of people who also have a strong relationship to energy and the subtle realms. And often, they'll tell me that they don’t do this earthly thing so well.

They’ll say they’d rather operate in the energetic world… it’s easier. There’s sometimes a bit of a judgment there too, like this 3D reality we live in… well, kind of sucks.

I get really frustrated when I hear people dissin’ the whole 3D experience. After all, this is where all the action is. It's really hard to create any kind of an impact in life if you're not willing to be here.

I bridge two worlds. I'm "woo-woo" and I'm also "practical, down-to-earth, 3D get it done." Personally, I think that combination is what we're learning with this ascension vibe. Your spiritual work is not to head off into the ethers, but to learn how to come down to earth with your wonderful energetic awareness - where you can bring your magic here through what you do.

So in this episode, I'm talking about ascension and this 3D experience… and how you need to be showing up to not only do what you’re here to do… but to do what your spirit is here to do.


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