Can You Really Make Money Doing Work You Love?


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Can I really make money doing what I love? That’s one of the questions I hear the most from new clients. 

I believe the answer is yes.

Sadly, most people won’t ever find out if they can create work that’s meaningful and supportive in all ways. The fear of change will hold them back. The confusion of what that work is might paralyze them. And not knowing how to create a change at this level might just keep them stuck in work that isn’t fulfilling… or serving their spirit in any way.

And then there’s the idea that somehow, by doing work that you love you’ll be doing work that’s less valuable - feeding this common idea that if you embark on work you love, you’ll, of course, make less money.

Getting there isn't as easy as just “do what you love and the money will follow.”  There's some work to be done. But it's not as hard as you might imagine when you focus on what you need to, to create a transformation.

This episode gets into the mindset shift you need to see there is a way to do what you love... where the money will follow.  It will point you in the right direction to see the bigger picture - one that includes a bigger vision on how you can get paid and love what you do.


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