How to Align Yourself with the Energy of Spring to Co-Create More


As we head into the spring here in the northern hemisphere, we shift into a new energetic directive. There's an uptick within the vitality of the energy we access.

We move out of a deeper re-organization, as a general pattern for life, and into planning and opening to this lighter vibration. And we can use that energy to support growth and how we manifest right now.

In this week's episode, I talk about how I think about this energetic shift into the spring, and how I play with moving into resonance with that energy... to dance with it.

There are two levels to this energetic play: how you align with and access this energy as a source of vitality, and how you can use that for what you are specifically manifesting.

So, I talk about both; how to dance with the seasonal shift now to allow that energy to flow into your life and how you can take a look at what you are creating in your life right now and work with this energy to support that co-creation.

And, if you're heading into the fall season, you can apply everything I talk about to that energy!

It's not about what you want to manifest, but how. It's about "thinking" like energy and recognizing how you interact with it so you find your own rhythm.

In this episode I talk about:

  • What the energetic directive of spring is about

  • Sensing into where you fall on the "seasonal map"

  • How you can move into resonance with the spring energy

  • Where your energy, or the energy of what you're manifesting in life, is (or isn't) dancing with the spring energy

  • A daily practice you can work with to help you recognize your energy and stay in alignment with the energy that's supporting you

I mention Machaelle Wright and The Perelandra Institute. Her work and ideas have definitely impacted my work, both personally and how I support people in creating clarity around their work and the businesses that they are creating.

Over to you.

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