Trusting the Big Asks from the Universe, with guest Robin Funsten


What do you do when it seems like the universe has a big ask of you… where you recognize that something big and new has to happen in your work, in your life, and you’re looking at it and thinking, this is big… and scary?

More and more as we come into alignment with our hearts and souls and step into doing what matters, we sense these big asks of the universe. They give us huge opportunities to say yes, create trust and step into our power.

This week, my guest is Robin Funsten, a coach, consultant, and trainer who provides trust-building and problem-solving to companies, individuals, and groups.

Robin was given a pretty big ask from the universe around her work... something to grow into. Robin gives 40% of her profits away. Which, think about it, could you trust doing that?

She did. And she and I talk about how she listened to that request, trusted it, and keeps moving into a deeper awareness of why that "ask" was so important.

There is a lot of good, juicy information in this episode that you can use when you're stepping into your own big asks of the universe... and they are there these days, everywhere.

A few of the things we talk about are:

  • What it means when the Universe has a big ask of you.

  • What those "asks" look like.

  • Why you need to understand WHY the ask is something you need to do before you say yes.

  • How you come into acceptance of the big ask... ways to process it all.

  • How to move into trust with the stuff that feels big and scary to you.

  • How you can stay in the flow with what challenges you to grow. How you keep showing up to it.

  • How you can process those "big asks" so they become clear to you... to understand the why.

About Robin Funsten

Nobody likes to talk about conflict, but Robin Funsten makes it fun to dive deep into the difficult situations experienced by organizations. Through experiential training, she demonstrates the necessary skills for effective team management using discussions, practice and kinesthetic experience.

Robin provides consulting, training, trust-building, and group problem-solving to companies, individuals and communities to get to the roots of the issues they experience in order to develop long-lasting solutions for everyday problems.

Robin holds a degree in Experiential Education and Psychology and has extensive experience in Restorative Justice and Community & Youth Mediation. She has been facilitating satisfying resolutions for over a decade. She now brings this expertise to the field of Executive Coaching and Organizational Development.

Because she wants to remain an advocate for youth, Robin gives 40% of her company's net income to supporting youth-at-risk locally and globally, including donations to 501c3 Youth-Serving organizations as well as her own projects and advocacy for local youth.

You can visit Robin's website here. And check out her Tedx Talk here.

Over to you.

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