Awakening Your Intuition and Energy: Why You Don't Need That Activation


This week I talk about what I see as some of the BS that I see happening with energy work and spirit work that's disempowering; that keeps you from knowing your power.

A whole new energetic language has come to pass as we have awakened energetically and spiritually. There's complexity around certain energetic ideas, for sure. But everyday energy work and intuitive work doesn't need fancy. In fact, this increased ability to sense into energy and frequency lets you *simplify* your healing process.

And those activations and attunements that you think you need to step up into a new awareness? Nu-huh. You don't.

This episode was a bit of a journey for me. I needed to stand in my truth and put a few thoughts out there about your power, your intuition and where we *all* need to focus right now.

In this week's episode I'm talking about:

  • How some concepts of energy work and healing disempower you and keep you from doing the healing work you need to do.

  • The myth that someone else needs to gift you some activation so you can be open to a flow of energy and information… which just pisses me off.

  • How all the new languaging with energy work and the Awakening (like activations and healing grids) over-complicate things and keep you from knowing you have access to your own healing.

  • How your healing and awareness can be simple. No activation needed.

  • The kind of healing work that can help you step into your healing and energetic power.

  • A deeper story that is emerging around your spiritual growth that is about your empowerment that gets lost in all this complexity.

Over to you.

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