Trusting Your Healing Journey. Detours and Going Deep.


When you let go of what you think needs to happen for your healing and personal growth and let your inner wisdom guide you, chances are the issues and experiences that show up to be transformed will surprise you.

Really. Your head will hope for a straight line; a quick fix. But if given the chance, your spirit will take you on a non-linear journey into all that needs healing so you can fully embody a new idea, a new energy, and the thing you wish to manifest in your life.

Trying to control that process limits you. But trusting the strange connections that your inner wisdom knows as being part of the core pattern that needs healing can be challenging. Your mind will want to fight the process, thinking you're focusing on the wrong thing to create true change. You'll think you're wasting time.

Don't listen to your head, ok? Your spirit knows what you need.

Your inner wisdom, intuition, spirit... whatever you want to call it, is working to heal a bigger pattern for you, always. You might want to solve one problem that's in your way at the moment, but your spirit will guide you to a core issue that, when resolved, will resolve a *myriad of issues* that resonate with what you're dealing with.

Trust that.

In this week's episode I'm talking about:

  • Trusting the non-linear journey

  • How there is always discomfort and resistance with growth (and if you're not acknowledging that, you're kidding yourself!)

  • How your spirit is going to see what you can't and will point you to the core issue if you're willing to go there.

  • Finding trust in the process; remembering what you are healing.

  • Why you want to work from "the bottom up" versus "the top down."

  • How you can exponentially speed up your transformation.

  • Creating healing and awareness that sustains a bigger shift for you.

Over to you.

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