Breaking the Rules with Your Intuitive Process (and with your life)


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It's common for people to feel a little timid when it comes to their intuitive process work - tapping into their inner wisdom and following a trail of intuited guidance into answers.

People question themselves and the process. They wonder if they know enough. And often hold back from allowing themselves to leap into the process as the one who can get their own answers. A leader.

In this week's episode, I talk about having "no rules" when it comes to you using your intuition as a guide. I share a lot about how I work and how I think when I am working intuitively to get answers and insight.

And as I spoke, something happened within me. I had a pretty big "aha" moment as I weaved my thoughts together.

What I see as the way to work with your intuition is also a metaphor for empowered living. I'm still sitting with the "aha moment," days later. Realizing how I have certain beliefs about how I can maneuver through my intuitive world that don't always cross over into daily life.

Listen to this episode. Consider what it stirs up in you.

A few of the ideas I share are:

  • How examining your fears about your intuition to give you more freedom in the process.

  • My mindset and approach to working with my intuition to get answers.

  • How I give myself the freedom to go explore energetically to get to answers.

  • How I got started working intuitively which lead to a "no rules" approach to energy work and intuition.

  • How you can create more freedom and empowerment in your daily life through how you do your intuitive life.

Over to you.

Leave a question or a comment, let me know where this episode takes you. And, feel free to share by clicking one of the buttons below! ♥