Listening to nature's messages. With Angie Mattson Stegall


Do you talk with Nature? I mean really chat it up with Her for direction?

I do. Well, trees mostly. They have a lot to say sometimes about what's getting in the way!

In this week's episode, I talk with my guest Angie Mattson Stegall about how listening to Nature; how She is always speaking to us, offering insight, inspiration and even a gentle nudge to move us ahead.

Angie has a wonderful new book out, Notes from Nature: Tune into Your Inner Voice by Letting Nature take the Lead. In it, she shares personal stories, insightful questions, and invites you to go outside and be one with nature in order to slow down, listen, and begin hearing your own inner voice (wisdom).

We talk about a few things together, like...

  • Letting Nature be a Guide

  • Receiving Divine Inspiration from Nature by being open

  • How moving out into Nature and getting still can open you to your personal realizations needed, to resolve issues

  • How Nature can support you in connecting to your Truth (with a capital "T")

  • Different levels of working and listening to Nature for Insight

  • How presence can open up a way for Nature to speak to you, guide you⠀

Angie Mattson Stegall is an award-winning author of five books and a Wayfinder. She works with business owners and other professionals to help them move from chaos to clarity. to learn more about her work as a Wayfinder. Visit her website here. ⠀

Over to you.

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