How to trust your inner wisdom.


Trusting your inner wisdom, your intuition, isn't always easy. And like with anything, developing trust takes time. You and your inner wisdom must develop a relationship of sorts.

But sometimes the reason why it feels impossible to trust your own insight is that you're approaching understanding your intuition and inner wisdom from a perspective that innately isn't trustworthy. If you ask questions somewhat randomly or sporadically, it's easy to get answers that feel untethered.

If you use your inner wisdom - your intuition - like a magic 8 ball, shaking it and asking questions from a place of need, without any other substance, well, that’s going to be pretty hard to trust.

In this episode, I’m talking about trust.

  • How to create trust with your inner wisdom.

  • How we often use our intuition like a magic 8 ball, which is not how it works.

  • Why the questions we ask our inner wisdom - and how we do that - leave us feeling unsure of the answers.

  • How to create a stronger foundation of information that you can trust.

  • How you can create a relationship with your inner wisdom and intuition that feels true and trustworthy.

  • One simple daily exercise you can do with your inner wisdom to create a stronger sense of trust with it.

Over to you.

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