My Favorite Healing Question and its Transformative Power


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In this week’s episode of The Everyday Lightworker podcast I’m focusing on my favorite question: who are you being asked to grow into?

When you ask things like “What’s next” or “What I am supposed to be doing?” and you have a sense of that direction before you ask, you’ll probably find answers that fit what you already know.

Instead, to get somewhere new, you need to find a way to get out of your own way and see your bigger story… which is why I love to shift those questions and invite in a more transformative process.

I realize that asking this question, “Who am I being asked to grow into” might take you down a path that you weren’t planning… or necessarily wanting. It’s more work. It’s not a question to ask if you’re not willing to do some soul-searching and move forward in your life.

But when you’re in a place of confusion and you want clarity and you want to understand what you’re really to be doing or how to do what you want in a way that will work (and not turn into yet another thing you did but it failed in some way) then asking this deeper question and working through the layers is what will move you forward in the most aligned way.

And I know that clarity and alignment is what I always want, and what my clients want, and what so often feels hard to discern. This might help.

So take a listen to how I work with this question. This epsiode is a bit more of a “how to” when it comes to your process work. You’ll get a peek behind the curtain of how I process!

Over to you.

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