Intuitive Goal Setting and the Chalkboard Method


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Having a way to keep the vision of what you wish to create, up close and on your mind, is really important. And for a lot of people, their go-to tool is to create a vision board.

Me? I'm not a vision board gal. That’s never been a tool that has fully resonated with me.  

So, this past year I went looking for a way to keep my vision active in my mind. But not just the vision, I also wanted to stay present to what I needed to do to make that vision manifest; tasks and goals that would get me into action. 

What I found was the chalkboard method, a simple goal tracking process. But instead of just mapping out goals derived from my mind, I’ve approached this from a more intuitive perspective. Intuitive goal setting and vision planning needed to merge… I mean I am me after all!   

I really like this process, and so if you’re thinking about how you want to grow this coming year and starting to look at goals, you might want to get yourself a board and try this.

If you’re someone who tends to get lost in process, always looking at what’s going on but not really moving into action, this is a great way to bring that balance in. And if you’re someone who gets stuck in their head and makes lists of to-dos’ because you think you need to do this or that and you’re not planning your deeper life out, doing a board that offers you time to process and plan for 3 months might change how you move through your days. It might begin to feel slower and more aligned… less reactive

So in this episode, I’m talking about how I do this, what my process is. I share how to blend your deeper intentions and the steps you need to take to make those happen.


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