Balancing Intentional Growth and Divine Guidance


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For years now, I’ve questioned and explored this dance we do around creating intentions around our own growth – meaning setting goals and saying yes to our own spiritual evolution – and sitting back and waiting for guidance, divine guidance if you will, to point us to what’s next for us.

Where’s the balance? At what point do we need to direct and when do we then need to let go?

I think everyone does this dance between action and following the flow differently. We may each need to learn something by leaning toward one end of the continuum than the other. I’ve certainly met people who are all flow and some who need a whole lot more inner direction… like me.

But no matter where you are on your spiritual journey, this question comes up. It’s a dance we must always stay attentive to.

So in this episode, I share my thoughts on action and divine guidance and how I find that balance. I dish up some questions for you too, so you can decide for yourself where you need to be in this dance.

Over to you.

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