When Your Intuition is Like, “Yeah, You’re Not Gonna Like This”


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When you’re learning how to work with your intuition as a guide, it’s easy to hear what you want to hear; it’s easy to translate what your inner wisdom and energy is saying as all light and goodness.

But when you learn to truly listen to your energy and intuitive awareness, you begin to sense into what it really has to offer you, which isn’t always welcome new. Sometimes it will show you the hard stuff… the stuff you don’t really want to deal with.

Your intuitive wisdom can show you when you are avoiding, resisting and plain old being unwilling to grow.

But in that, you do some some big healing.

So, this week I am talking about what happens when your intuition gets real and you see/sense something that isn’t what you want. Maybe it takes you down a path you don’t want to go in because it will change you. Or that information disappoints you… you wanted to hear what you wanted to hear.

Been there.

I also talk about my new program called inSight. Learn grounded and practical ways to work with your intuition to get the answers to the things that hold you back the most. Learn how to transform confusion into clarity by listening within and trusting what you sense. Practice this in real-time as you kick some butt on what you want to create in the world!

Over to you.

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