Need to Be More Grounded? Start with Grounding Your “Energy Speak.”


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Finding "everyday" language for esoteric ideas and common Lightworker language to make it all clear and real to us can be hard. But breaking down the energy speak helps us to get to our own inner work; to focus on what we need to focus on to create healing and change.

We evolve in our spirituality. I know on my path I started out captivated by crystals and energy healing and what seemed so surreal. I talked about Guides and energy in this very esoteric way, mostly because I didn’t fully understand it; I simply didn’t have a way to put my own words to what I was learning.

And yet years later I found myself still using this very spiritual language that honestly, didn’t make a whole lot of sense to people who didn’t speak “the woo.” I realized, the way I spoke of my spiritual experience was totally un-grounded.

And I see that everywhere around me.  

There's simply too much ungrounded energy speaking happening. Let’s bring our language down to earth to make all this energetic speak clear. 

Changing how you speak of your energetic and spiritual experience will change you. It will empower you. It will definitely change the way you work with your energetic and emotional process.

This week I have some powerful homework for you that will help you ground your "energy speak" in ways that will transform you at your core. Listen in and try it, I guarantee changing how you speak will change how you relate to energy and your healing for the better.

Over to you.

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