Being an Everyday Lightworker (An Energy Renegade)


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Being an “Everyday Lightworker” is a little bit like being an energy renegade. These days there’s a new wave of Lightworkers in town, those taking their work – and their energetic awareness – to the streets… into the everyday world.

Mission-driven, spiritually-aware, do-gooders are taking their awakened selves out into the world in grounded and practical ways to create change… for themselves and their communities. 

These "Everyday Lightworkers" aren't so much interested in the energetic grids and crystalline structures as the healers were when they went through their awakening. They want to know how they can use their new awareness to be the people they need to be and do what they need to do.

It’s about stepping into their purpose in a very conscious way and kind of changing the world from the inside out.

So are you an Everyday Lightworker? Want to know how you can be? Take a listen; I offer up some questions toward the end that will get you thinking about your life, your energy, and how you move your spiritual mojo out into the world.

Over to you.

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