Why You Don't Trust Your Intuition


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Being psychic gets “oo’d and awed at,” making it something remarkable and esteemed. Those who have access to this "mysterious" knowledge of the universe are typically glamorized.

The result of making what is a natural way of getting to intuitive information "a gift" or a freaky phenomenon, is that it becomes easy to then push that off as "other" and not recognize that you have this ability. In those moments then, when life feels challenging and you need new information to help you move forward, you don’t realize that you have the power to find your way. 

You don’t need to learn some fancy modality of energy work to tap into energy. You don't need a healing to begin to sense into your intuitive mojo.

You have the ability right now to learn how to listen to what is beyond your conscious awareness and act on it. You might need to learn how. If so, I've got you covered. But trusting what your intuition is showing you, well, that's something you need to practice.

So in this episode, I offer up some info on trusting your intuition as well as an exercise for you to building that trust-muscle! Yep, for 30-days I have you working your intuition to help you get answers.

Over to you.

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