Workplace Mindfulness: Bringing More of Your Spirit into Your Work Day


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It can be scary to express your spiritual self in certain settings, for fear of being judged in some way. Bringing in a little "work woo" can be a tough one. Not everyone can do that – not everyone works in an environment where that is OK or feels comfortable enough sharing their more spiritual side of their life with their work colleagues.

I’m not necessarily talking about pulling out the crystals. I’m talking about simply allowing yourself to operate from a more mindful or spiritual perspective at work.

And yet, that’s what’s missing for so many people. There is no way to let their spiritual selves feel welcome at work.

So in this episode, I'm talking about integrating into your day a few simple mindful techniques to help you stay connected to who you are at your core; to your spirit and your own intuition.

If you struggle at work to stay present to your spiritual self, this will help.

Over to you.

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