Feeling Stuck? Get More Creative with Your Energy Work and Personal Process for Answers

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If you want to work with energy – for healing and personal change – then it’s really important that you become comfortable working with your imagination and your own creative process.

To work energetically, you have to create some kind of a construct to tap into what is unseen, and one of the easiest ways you can do that is through your imagination.

Really, you can’t think like energy if you’re thinking with the limited scope that we humans do. You’ve got to go outside the limits of your mind.

That’s where your intuitive imagination is going to come in. 

Frequency is constantly revealing the consciousness it holds – that information that you’re seeking. Intuition, imagination, and creative process is the channel where you’ll start to gather and understand energetic information. 

But the problem is, most people don’t trust that. They think the information they’re receiving is completely made up and irrelevant because it’s coming through their imagination. But really, their inner wisdom – their intuition – is speaking to them through the best channel it has to offer up insight.  

So in this episode, I'm talking about how to build that trust and why it’s so important to get creative when it comes to you doing energy work. I give you a few pointers and things to practice so you build that muscle!

Over to you.

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