The Balance Between Hustle and Flow


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These days it’s all about flow; listening within to find your way, making aligned choices, and following the path of ease.

Hustle is an opposing force; yet we hear about it too. In many ways hustle gets a bad rap… it’s become all about force and busyness.

This clash is creating a rising conflict in my mind, because to break through your own barriers and do something new in your life – create something that is new to you or new to the world – you’re going to need to light a fire within and hustle a little.

Anything new you put your mind and energy to will take some hustle. So, let’s reframe that word a bit. There is a way to do hustle, and at the same time, be in flow.

In this episode, I share how you can find your own balance between these two energetic concepts, and how you can develop a daily practice to ensure you get out there and practice "aligned hustle!"

Over to you.

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