How Your Energy is Like a Rolled Up Carpet


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There’s a sweet spot where you are most energetically potent… where you have an impact over manifesting the synchronicities you might need to create something or to work with the universe to feed you the information (aka energy) that you need to understand and transform something.

In this episode, I talk about how to find that place of awareness - that sweet spot - because most people are either out ahead of it or lagging behind.

I also offer up a few ways to work with your energy and awareness to take daily aligned action and roll your energy out, bit by bit.

And I know, it can be frustrating to work on your personal healing and what you wish to manifest or change bit by bit. But that's how you step into your power. You get to resolve blocks, integrate new ideas, open pathways for people to show up, for ideas to show up, and give time for even more to inspire you all in the right timing and order. You get to work with the pieces of energetic information and process that to both understand and integrate before you take on the next piece.

So learning how to live in this energetic sweet spot is, well, sweet!

Over to you.

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