Want to Shift What’s Blocking You? Lean In


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In this episode, I’m talking about how to shift the emotional energy that has you stuck. You’ll learn how I go about helping my clients lean into their energetic process to create a complete unwinding of that energy... while teaching them a few things about what that energy has to teach them.  

Getting clarity around what has you stuck is important. What’s even more important, though, is allowing that emotional energy to unwind and release. If that doesn’t happen, it just keeps on cycling through, getting in your way.

Most people though, don’t know how to clear that energy. Sometimes they get hung up on the idea of leaning into what feels uncomfortable; going into the shadow might scare them. I often hear people say they only want to be thinking high-vibe thoughts.

Going into your energy isn't going to bring you down... trust me. The truth is until you look at what’s in play, and allow that to shift in a way that you learn from it, nothing is going to change. You’ve got to be willing to lean in.

If you've wondered how to work with your energy in a way that transforms it, take a listen!

Over to you.

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