If You’re Not Using Essential Oils for Your Personal Growth Work, You Should Be


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There's a reason why you're hearing about essential oils everywhere right now. The power that they hold to help you transform your energy and your personal well being is transformative.

They're not just about the smell; there's way more to them than your next DIY project. Understanding the energetic side of essential oils can be tricky. There's not a lot of detailed information out there on how to use them for your personal growth.

So in this episode, I break the whole frequency and essential oil conversation down some. And, I offer up 3 powerful ways you can work with essential oils to support change.

I know, you’re hearing about essential oils everywhere these days… but maybe not quite in the way I talk about them; maybe not quite in a way where you can see their relevance.

Essential oils are powerful tools to support you in mind, body, and spirit. Learning to use them in ways that help you to move through the stuck points in life and shift your energy means you shift gears faster. And, that’s a good thing.

Over to you.

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