Why Is It So Hard to Figure Out What We Want To Do In Life?


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I don’t think it matters if you’re 22 or 52, figuring out what you want to do that will both make you happy and support you can be a challenge.

Why oh why is it so hard to figure out what you want to do?

Well, for starters, you probably haven't been taught to find ways of merging your interests and skills into some kind of practical work. Plus, sometimes standing up and saying what you want is scary as all get-up. You may not believe it's even possible... and therefore have shoved it into the back recesses of your mind.

But the need to do what matters is being lit-up these days. You are awakening, and so is your calling. And a whole lot of people looking for new work these days who are are looking outside of themselves, toward a particular job or a job title, and hoping they can fit themselves into that. But they’re never really figuring out how to listen within, for the inner guidance toward work that truly matters… the work that is uniquely them.  

So today let's talk about the one big change that you can start to make that will help you figure out what you want to do when you grow up.

Over to you.

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