The Challenges of Getting Grounded

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I think sometimes the subject of "grounding" is taken lightly; like it's an entry-level idea that people move right on past to get to more “complex” energetic concepts.

Yet grounding one’s energy is very complex; and something in which many people struggle with – or even bypass altogether. I, however, find it so interesting to watch how people ground their energy – and what gets in the way… as that process tells a very complex story.

The challenges you might find as you ground your energy can actually be a doorway into what else is going on within.

Being a “grounded person” is not the same as being vibrationally hooked in… being vibrationally grounded.

So, in this episode, I talk about the complexity of getting (and staying) grounded. I Talk about what keeps you from being grounded "Stacy Style," and offer up a little how-to as well.

NOT being grounded at this vibrational level creates all kinds of issues for you, from manifesting to living your fullest life. And here in the New Energy Paradigm, I think it's imperative that you know how to get yourself grounded when you need it the most.

Here's a free guided meditation for you to practice grounded at this vibrational level. (No need to sign up for a list!)

Over to you.

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