How to Align Yourself with the Energy of Spring to Co-Create More

Manifesting… creating. We don’t will things into being, we co-create what feels aligned with us, what serves us in some ways. And when we can slow down and feel into the energy around us to create with, we’re all the more powerful.

Seasonal shifts are potent times to be aware of the energy and how we dance with it. When we use this energetic knowledge to help us shift our energy and find our way, we amplify our creative process. We amplify the creative energy that available to use through Nature’s cycles and seasons, to find a flow.

Whether you’re creating something with your work, your business or with your life, tuning into this seasonal rhythm that’s upon us can offer you a way through with more ease.

So let’s talk about how to align with the energy of spring to create more... to dance with the energy in a way that serves you best.

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Trusting the Big Asks from the Universe, with guest Robin Funsten

What do you do when it seems like the universe has a big ask of you… where you recognize that something big and new has to happen in your work, in your life, and you’re looking at it and thinking, this is big… and scary?

This week my guest is Robin Funsten. She and I talk about a pretty big ask that the universe had of her with her business. We talk about how to move into trust of that, saying yes, and how to keep saying yes through the ups and downs. There’s a whole lot of good juicy ideas in this episode. Take a listen.

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Awakening Your Intuition and Energy: Why You Don't Need That Activation

There's no doubt that we are living through an awakening, a shift in consciousness and energetic awareness. Over the past years, there's been an incredible new language set into place with energy work and healing work. More and more people are reaching out for activations and attunements to step into new vibrational states... awareness.

In this episode, I call bull-s#*t on some of that. You don't need the activation, trust me.

Listen to this week's episode and step into your power around your energetic process work. You already have what you need to create clarity, healing and the new awareness you seek.

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Trusting Your Healing Journey. Detours and Going Deep.

Going on a healing journey — a journey of awareness — is never a linear process. And when you work with your intuition and inner wisdom as a guide into that process, most likely you'll be shown a starting point that makes you question what "that" could possibly have to do with what you're wanting to change.

Trusting the non-linear way your inner wisdom and spirit work can help you get into a level of healing your head has no knowledge of. But one that will change you more quickly, and more deeply, than you could ever dream of. And, that's a good thing.

This week I talk about trusting this and going deep...

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Breaking the Rules with Your Intuitive Process (and with your life)

It's natural to want a step-by-step process when learning to work with your intuition and inner wisdom. And although there are skills to learn, this inner work is truly self-directed. It's an exploration. Letting go of any rules or steps, and trusting your instincts, is the key to finding your way into new information and growth. It's also a metaphor for living fully. This week's chat felt like a journey for me. With each thought, I was putting together ideas that turned into a pretty big "aha" moment for me. Perhaps you too.

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Are you limiting your intuition by how you view intuition?

Do you believe yourself to be intuitive? What does that mean to you? For a lot of folks, intuition is a flash, a gut feeling in a sense that seems to come out of nowhere. Some people think that only "psychic" people have access to this level of information.

Me? I think those flashes of intuition don't sum of the whole story of what intuition is about. Far from it. There's actually an "everyday" way that we access our intuition that shifts us into more personal power. And every single person has access to this level of intuitive power.

So let's talk about how you think of intuition. I'll share how I see it, and how I work with it. And how you can too.

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How to trust your inner wisdom.

Trusting your inner wisdom, your intuition, isn't always easy. But sometimes the reason why is because you're focusing on the wrong thing. Especially if you're working with your inner wisdom somewhat sporadically - when you need an answer to a question - what you get back will feel untrustworthy. There's no foundation there for context and understanding.

So let's talk about how to create more trust in your inner wisdom, your intuition, and yourself.

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My Favorite Healing Question and its Transformative Power

Over the years, I’ve come to ask myself one question that takes me furthest into my growth and healing than just about anything else. One question that gets me out of my head and into the heart of what matters.

It’s the one question I ask the women I work with too, that then takes their transformational work to a whole new level.

It’s a fairly simple question on the outside: “Who are you being asked to grow into?” But the true answer to this question is often a few layers deep.

Allowing the answer to come takes practice. You’re going to want to answer it with your mind and you’ll want to always think you’re totally on board with the idea of this growth… but that’s not how this goes.

So today, let’s talk about this question, “Who are you being asked to grow into?” Let’s talk about the process of answering it and how it can change you when you learn to listen in a way that let’s you meet that energy before you make any decisions about what you should be doing as that person.

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Intuitive Goal Setting and the Chalkboard Method

A lot of people this time of year start thinking about what’s ahead and create vision boards to guide their way. But for me, vision boards don’t really go anywhere. They’re just not my thing (which I elaborate on in the podcast!).

I like concrete experiences and processes that tap me into how I feel in the moment and empower me in co-creative action. I like feeling like at the end of the day or week or quarter that I can see progress through what I do to give space for those goals to manifest.

So, this past year I wanted to find a way to stay connected to the ideas I had about my life, instead of journaling on them and never seeing those words again; instead of creating a collage of ideas and not ever being fully engaged with the next steps of creating them. I wanted something that felt interactive, where I’d create something that would reflect my internally guided ideas of what’s next, continually look at it (and not be able to hide it away) and also have it be a functional tool to track how things are going - like being able to check things off and see a sense of accomplishment.

What I found was the Chalkboard Method. And, being me, I let the process blend my intuitive planning and aligned action steps.

In this episode I talk about this super cool tool that can help you hold your vision and track the action you need to take to get you there.

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Balancing Intentional Growth and Divine Guidance

I think there’s a balance that we need to find between intentional growth and letting the universe guide the way. Finding this balance often comes up when we think about things like setting intentions, having healing goals, being the driver of your life, and meeting the universe halfway.

To me, all those things are important - and necessary when you are on a spiritual path - a path of your own spiritual evolution.

I’ll sometimes hear people say that they don’t have any particular intentions about themselves and their growth. They’re in this wait and see space; going with what is and letting the universe guide them toward what is next.

And although I get that, there’s also something deep within me that keeps wondering… at what point is it necessary to take the wheel and drive.

In this episode, I'm sharing how I balance action and allowance and dish up a whole bunch of questions to help you explore this for yourself.

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Getting Intuitive Information is Super Cool. Just Don’t Get Stuck There - Episode 33

There’s a coolness factor when it comes to tapping into a level of inner wisdom and guidance that comes from beyond you. It's fascinating to be able to access a level of information that is outside your rational mind. It's really cool to be able to work with guides and receive information that seemingly comes out of nowhere... but lands as a truth.

But the truth is when you tap into intuitive and psychic information and you start dabbling with energy work, what you're doing is you’re accessing a level of information that's going to transform you. And taking the leap into that transformation requires bravery, trust, and a willingness to change that I think often gets lost when people get interested in all things intuitive.

At least at first.

In this episode, I’m talking about bravery and intuitive work; shifting out of the fun part where you're receiving all kinds of neat messages and having fascinating experiences with the unknown, to then getting down to the nitty-gritty work of transformation.

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