What’s the Energetic Plan Jam?

It’s an intuition-led “jam session” with the soul of your business to guide you forward… to plant the seeds for good things to come.

Registation for this “plan jam” is closed.

What’s next for your business? What’s needed to move forward? What will help you grow your soul work into the beautiful garden it is?

Let’s find out.

Let me lead you into a productive conversation with your inner wisdom and the soul of your business so the questions and concerns you have can be looked at... transformed.

There's a difference between taking yourself into an energetic process and being led. It has to do with being fully present to receive.⠀

When you lead yourself into your inner work, you must be present to your experience and also facilitate that experience. There is a part of you that toes the line to do that.⠀

That part stays alert; ready.⠀

And that's not to say that doesn't work, but sometimes you need to let go. To fully drop into the process. Receive.⠀

That's why I do workshops like this, so you can sit back and be fully in the process of engaging with your inner wisdom and your business; to do the work that's needed without splitting your attention.⠀

It gives you a different perspective to then see what you haven't yet been able to see about what holds you back - or what's calling you forward - without your mind getting in the way. Without that energy of staying alert.⠀

The work is always deeper. Always.

Be led. Be led into your inner world and allow yourself to let go and discover what you need to move ahead with your work... your life. ⠀

I love these guided journeys. The energy is palpable. The community of wise women offers up such valuable insight into their process that touches us all. And what you receive from the process will change you. ⠀

Join me for an inner journey and receive the information you need to grow, heal and get out there and do your thing. ⠀


“You do such beautiful, and necessary, work.
Thank you for helping me grow into the person, and entrepreneur, that I am.”


“Through working with Stacy, I've begun to find my process for working with my intuition on a relationship level. Up until now, I've waited for intuition to happen to me; now I'm slowing learning how to work with it.”


“Stacy gets you right to the place that you may have struggled to find on your own,
while teaching you how to apply her approach to your everyday awareness.”

Having led people into clear conversations with their business and inner wisdom as much as I have, I know the kinds of questions to ask and ways of uncovering what feels murky.

Murky is no good. You want a clear plan of action that feels right for you; a way of hearing what you're called to offer through your work and business.

And that’s where the guided journey we’ll do together, and the soulful conversation that ensues, will take you.

So what can you focus on here?

  • Your business as a whole — the juicy bits about what your business is asking for and what you need to be focusing on to make it happen

  • Your projects — upcoming courses, classes, and offerings that match your heart and those you serve

  • Your action plan for the next season — marketing, speaking and getting out there in ways that align with the energy of your business

Bring what you are working on and the ideas and dreams you have with your work and let's lean into what feels aligned right now. Let's activate the unfolding of what your soulful business needs.

What you need to offer this season.

Why the planning and the moving ahead gets hard.

A common issue when you have your own soulful business is wondering what projects align with you and your business… what to do, when.

Seriously. If you’re wondering about what class to teach or what program to create or if this project is right, you are not alone.

Let me know if any of this sounds familiar…

👉 You see things that other people are doing that sound so cool, and you think, “yeah… me too.” But they peter out, and you get super frustrated and feel like a failure. The truth is, you don’t know what feels right to do. You need a way to find what feels inspired… yours to do.

👉 You think of a really awesome project, but question if it’s right. Should you do it? When? How? And you keep wondering if it’s right… and you keep questioning one thing or another… and it never happens. If there was just a way to know if it was right. Hmmm. I’ve got ya covered.

👉 You think you need to be doing all kinds of things — the marketing, the selling, the planning, the doing - and honestly, it’s got you spooked. Or you’re so overwhelmed by the thought of it all you have that deer-in-the-headlights look going on. You’re not doing anything. You need a simple, clear step forward.

👉 You have so many freakin’ ideas you don’t know where to start. (Your inner wisdom and your biz know.)

So bring that stuff — those question — to this workshop call. Bring your list and your ideas and let’s go inward and meet up with your inner wisdom and the soul of your business and suss-out where you need to be focused; what you can focus on over the next few months that will serve you best.

And then there’s the daily stuff.

The sense of massive overwhelm in creating clarity around managing all the to-dos.

Where do you begin? What’s really necessary to do? How can you manage your list each day to stay in the flow and offers the universe a way to guide you right into what you need?

This is something I spend a lot of time helping clients get clarity around. It’s so easy to end up with an externally driven to-do list that stresses you out (and lights up all those old disruptive patterns of yours) because you’re doing things that aren’t aligned and in the flow with what your business — or your projects — need.

But your business has a natural unfolding which carries over to your daily activity.

There is a gentle way to tune into exactly what you need to do on any given day to be in the flow.

I’ll be teaching you that too.

Ahh. Just thinking about that shifts your vibe.

This two-hour workshop will give you a way to create clarity around what’s next for you and your work, so what you do feels aligned and manageable.

Bring your ideas, the things you’re working on, the things you think you might want to do and let me take you on an inner journey of discernment.

The take-aways.

1️⃣ Create a simple game plan with the projects & activities you need to focus on over the next 3 months — aligned projects, the stuff that you and your business are on board with. Walk away with a manageable vision for you and your biz that feels oh so right. Doable.

2️⃣ Have a chance to chat with other amazing women (and maybe a few brave dudes) about what you come to learn through the guided process; flesh your ideas out a bit. Take ownership of your plan. Get encouragement. Notice what happens when you say yes!

3️⃣ Learn a daily practice to help you manage the to-dos to get things done… so you do what feels aligned and where your energy needs you to go.

This is a roll-up-your-sleeves workshop where you’ll step into creative play with your business to figure things out… so you get doing the things you’re meant to do.

Let the inner work guide you.
Let the energy of the group light you up.
Let a beautiful plan form to guide you forward.

Who is this for?

Soulful business owners — healers, coaches & creatives — who want to take a look at what their business needs and plan ahead using their inner wisdom as a guide. Folks who want to find a gentler way of managing their business, as they create more trust in what they’re doing.

And if I can’t be there live?

It’s OK. You’ll get the audio recording so you can do the work on your own.