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Create an intuitive practice of
finding your way and staying on track…
one question at a time.

What should I do?

What’s in my way? How do I get from where I am, to where I want to be?

Is this really what’s best?

How many questions like that do you ask yourself when something feels overwhelming or unclear?

How often do you get an answer that you trust?

You can’t move through your personal growth - or create the things that matter deeply to you - without stepping into unknown territory. There are always new choices to make that feel uncomfortable; situations that bring up doubt and questioning.

When you don't have the means to find your way through to clarity, you end up in a struggle. That's just the nature of growth and manifestation.

So why not learn how to get the answers to the questions that come up at each and every turn?

You’ve probably not been taught how to listen to your intuition in a way that makes sense to you and gets you the insight you need. You’ve never been shown how to access what feels hidden, murky, or beyond your reasoning mind. And even if you think of yourself as “pretty intuitive,” I bet you haven’t had any guided practice to know how to put your intuitive awareness to work for you in a way that will continually move your life forward.

I think it's time for everybody to
learn how to access their information
and trust their process.

Can learning this change you? Yes…

“Stacy began by asking me questions and then I would get quiet listening for the answers.
When I stumbled she would pick me up. When I felt awkward and hesitant, she gently but firmly guided me into certainty and confidence.

Our calls were about figuring out my plan for the week, the next steps in my business.

But then something magical happened.

Not only did I figure out what to do with my week, I figured out what to do with my life.
Not only did I get to what’s true in the moment, but what’s true at my core.”



Working with your intuition – as a guide – is a skill that you can learn. It's a tool you can have in your back pocket so that when life gets confusing, you can clear away the noise and find a way through.  

You’re no different than me. There’s nothing special about me that lets me tune into my energy, my body, and the guidance all around me, that you don’t possess as well.

What you’ll learn here (what I’ve figured out) is how to clear away the noise and understand what the universe is saying to you. You’ll learn how to think like energy speaks, and trust your ability to translate that.  

That's a skill, nothing more.

Just like you learned math and spelling, you can learn how to sense what your heart knows is the truth; what your intuition and the universe are doing their damndest to help you understand!

So how about this…

Instead of those moments when you feel stuck, and you end up running in circles trying to manage your anxiety, doubt, and confusion, you stopped and used what I’m going to teach you here to help guide you forward in a way that feels utterly trustworthy to you.

Instead of spending a bunch of money on psychics, healers, and even coaching when you felt lost, you called up your inner wisdom – and some guidance from “beyond” – to figure stuff out.

That’s a practice worth creating.

Join me for inSight.

Get the insight you need to keep your vision in sight.

  • Quit doubting yourself and start trusting your own sense of direction.

  • Stop getting stuck in your questions and let your inner wisdom guide you toward clear answers.

  • Transform your fear and tension around “next steps” and practice creating more expansion and ease.

  • Stop questioning if your intuition is even real and start following it to open a flow into action.

Registration is now closed.

This fall I’ll be taking 3 small groups of women through the inSight process.

Pick Your Group

All three groups will join together for the two Saturday intensives on October 20 & 27. The individual groups will then continue on their own for the clarity sessions.

All sessions are via Zoom - online so you can join from anywhere.

Session times listed are Eastern Time (New York). Here is a link to look up your time zone.

Join the Monday Group:

(2) Saturday intensives on Oct 20 & 27: 10:00am to 2:00 pm EST
(7) Monday group clarity calls October 29 - Dec 17: 10:00 am to 11:00 am EST

* There’s no clarity call on November 19

Registration is closed.

Join the Tuesday Group:

(2) Saturday intensives on Oct 20 & 27: 10:00 am to 2:00 pm EST
(6) Tuesday group clarity calls October 30 - Dec 11: 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm EST

* There’s no clarity call on November 27

Registration is closed.

Join the Wednesday Group:

(2) Saturday intensives on Oct 20 & 27: 10:00 am to 2:00 pm EST
(6) Wednesday group clarity calls October 31 - Dec 12: 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm EST

* There’s no clarity call on November 21

Registration is closed.

Here’s how this breaks down.

These are small groups, and I mean little: 3-4 people only. I want you to have personalized time with me to understand how to do this work; to get your answers. It’s all online too, so you can join from anywhere.

The Saturday sessions:

We’ll kick things off with two Saturday deep dives. These are both 4-hour online classes to give you all the foundational tools and the “how-to” you need so you’ll know how to do this before you begin the weekly clarity calls. You’ll also get a workbook that will help you as practice all this on your own.

You’ll be doing some experiential work on the Saturday sessions to boost your intuitive mojo and start to trust how you work. Whether you’re new to all of this intuitive “stuff,” or it’s old hat, you’ll learn some cool tricks of the trade to get your intuition talking!

The weekly clarity calls:

Once you’ve got the tools, you’ll put them to work to support your day-to-day life. Step by step and week by week, you’ll take a look at what you’re focused on… and inquire within!

I bet you have a “project” in the works where creating more insight around it will help you get out of the fog and into action. It might be a business that continually has you asking, “What’s needed?” Maybe it’s a personal process that you want to keep working through. Whatever you’re focused on, bring it to the calls.

Here’s what you’ll be practicing as you figure some things out:

  • how to access your intuition

  • how to ask the right questions

  • how to give your intuitive mind the means to provide you with answers

The clarity calls will go like this:

Each week, one member of the group will work with me directly. You’ll have (2) “hot seat” sessions where you and I work together directly. I'll guide you through the process, help you fine-tune your questions, and point out what I'm tapped into energetically to assist you in getting to what you need.

You’ll learn by doing.

When you're not on the “hot seat” you’re still workin’ it.

Listening to how I ask questions and guide our “hot-seater” will help you do the same, right alongside of us. Don’t be surprised if you actually learn more when you’re holding this duel awareness of doing and observing . You’ll learn a lot about how to follow your inner direction and find your way as you listen to me, while you work on you

They’ll be lots of sharing and time to claim what you’ll take forward into the week ahead, so we can hold some accountability for you too!

Here are a few more answers to some questions you may have…

Q: What will I actually learn here?

A: I'm going to teach you how you access your intuitive information and turn that into clear insight.

I don't do "woo" in the way you typically see out there. I see a lot of fluff in the spiritual world that drives me crazy. Things can lean too far toward the spiritual without being grounded or practical to real life, which in my mind leaves you floating about in this reality creating struggle.

I am going to teach you a skillset - a way to systematically work through those weird sensations, vague feelings, and half-formed ideas you've gotten from your inner wisdom and guides and discern what is important in that for you. And if you're thinking you've never gotten any of those sensations or messages, I'll teach you how... and then some.

Once you have the skill, then you'll practice that process as you work on something that applies to your life right now. This is not theory, it's practice.

There will be some woo for sure because energy work is cool and magical. But you'll also get a whole lot of grounded, practical information - and practice -  so you start to see a change in how you work with your inner wisdom.

Q: What if I can't make all the sessions?

A: You have some flexibility.

The two Saturday sessions on October 20 & 27 are recorded so if you have to miss one (or part of one) you can watch and catch up. I would say if you feel you'll miss both Saturday sessions, then wait and join me for the next round.

It's the Saturday sessions where you'll learn "the how" and have time to ask questions and explore.

If you have to miss a Clarity call, let me know in advance and I will be sure to schedule things so you don't miss your time in group to work with me on those calls. Again missing one is OK, more than one I'd wait until the next time.

Q: I already go to a healer or psychic, so how is this different?

A: I'm not focused on delving into your healing process here as much as I am teaching you how to access your information on your own.

Learn some skills that can be applied to any situation where you feel blocked, confused or stuck and you'll free up that energy and see a way forward. Then next time you go to that healer you'll be even more empowered to go deeper.

Q: Are these sessions online?

A: Yep. You can join from anywhere with a webcam.

Grab your computer, a cup of tea, and snuggle into your favorite quiet spot where you can move into your inner world and do some experiential work. Let's do this!

We'll be taking breaks on the Saturday sessions as they are 4-hours each.

Q:  I get overwhelmed in groups, would this still be good for me?

A: These groups are small, 3-4 people only. All in all, even on the Saturday classes there are only 8 of us max. Besides, you might also see that you can hold your energetic boundaries when you do this work!

This takes practice.

It takes time to become comfortable with your intuition as a guide in your life. It takes practice to get the hang of this. I’ll be there with you, though, to not only hold a safe space for you to learn but to prompt and guide you, so you learn by experience.

What’s cool about this is, the more you practice this with me, the more you get it. You “get” the process, so you start developing your own questions and means to seek out answers intuitively… faster and with more trust.

The truth is, you know it’s essential to carve out time to connect within and find your way. But it is crazy hard to set into motion an actual daily or weekly practice of this. Life gets busy, or you hit some resistance, or you simply don’t know where to begin.

This group gives you the means to create a practice of tuning in, turning down the noise, and finding your inner guidance so you move your life forward… one question at a time.

Let me teach you how to listen to & trust your wisdom.

Your feedback.

In exchange for the awesome discount (50% off for the fall session dates), I will be asking participants for feedback. I’ll be setting that up after we finish things in December. By joining in on this round, you agree to ante up some honest feedback!


These are small, intimate groups and they will fill up fast. So jump on the maiden voyage of the inSight groups. The next time this comes around it will be full-price and a little bit longer too! 😉

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