Having a soulful business will stir stuff up and raise a whole lot of questions.

The Insight Group is a space to come and lean into what’s on your mind… what’s in your way.

It’s not a step-by-step “here’s how you run your business” group, but a place to do some intuitive process work; to look at your own ideas and challenges… and move through them into insight and action.

let’s filter out all the noise.

I know a lot of healers, coaches and creatives — soulpreneurs of some kind — and most of them aren’t looking for a big coaching program. They’ve either tried that and the step-by-step model hasn’t fit, or they intuitively know they want a small group that lets them be seen; a group that let’s them process in real-time.

They want a more intimate level of support. They want to work with their intuition and their business in a way so they can find their own answers and do the healing work needed to create clarity to move ahead.

That’s what the Insight Groups offers.

It’s a potent gathering for women looking to claim their power, claim their voice, and claim their work in the world while following a more non-linear approach via their intuition.

The next Insight Group will be in the fall

From past group members…

“Oh how I loved & grew in this group & thru your work Stacy.”


“It’s a fabulous group. And you do such beautiful, and necessary, work.
Thank you for helping me grow into the person, and entrepreneur, that I am.”


“I wanted to let you how much I appreciate our insight group.
It's always eye-opening and there are so many little aha's and pieces from our conversations
that give me a different perspective and understanding of my path.”

This group gives you the space to connect the dots and transform your energy, your ideas, and your business…

It's a gathering where you do the creative inner work you need to keep seeing your way forward; where you lovingly transform the edges, fears, and blocks that would otherwise keep you from doing what you're here to do.

It’s where you get to learn to listen to your intuition and inner wisdom to put into practice your ability to steer your work forward in ways that feel right to you.

And you need that each and every day when you get out there and risk doing the work that pushes you into being more you, more clear, more authentic, and more visible.

there are 3 levels to the insight group to help you do just that.

  1. A private session with me so we can look at what core patterns might be getting in your way. We get to look at the ideas that are at the forefront of your work and your life — your growing edge — and do some healing work to help you create a strong foundation for what you wish to create.

  2. Learning the intuitive skills that give you a way to find your way; to make decisions about your business and your life, and even do the inner work needed to move through the stuck stuff. Developing your ability for intuitive thinking will become your greatest tool in your business.

  3. Powerful group work to keep exploring your work and your issues; where you get to show up — just as you are — to work through what’s going on, share your journey and get the support you need to keep moving ahead.

Take a look below for more details, as I break it all down for you.

From past group members…

“Through working with Stacy, I've begun to find my process for working with my intuition on a relationship level. Up until now, I've just waited for intuition to happen to me; now I'm slowing learning how to work with it.”


“Working with Stacy in our Insight Group has helped me make decisions with more confidence and clarity.
She has taught me to ask questions rather than worry about figuring things out, and I feel more in tune and trusting of my own inner knowledge.”


“Stacy gets you right to the place that you may have struggled to find on your own,
while teaching you how to apply this approach to your everyday awareness.”

What's included?

(1) 60-minute private session to jumpstart the process

(1) 2-hour “intuition intensive” class to teach you how to work with your intuitive wisdom in a way you get insight (instead of sitting and waiting for the flash to come).

(13) Group clarity calls - process calls that are beautifully transformative.

You also get a workbook and weekly accountability sheet to help you create a strong inner practice and stay focused on what your work and business need. Plus I have 10 “how to” videos to deepen your intuitive thinking skills and put that into practice with your business.

You get me, too. Ready to support you through the clarity calls and even help hold you accountable if you need a weekly check-in to support the journey.

Who is this for?


This is a group for women who either have — or are creating — a healing, coaching or creative business who are looking to continually evolve and grow both personally and professionally.

You'll learn how to work with your intuition and inner wisdom as a wildly creative and talented guide to help you answer the questions and face the challenges that come with your work.

But it's more than just learning a skill. You'll come here to receive healing, share ideas, and see yourself in other like-minded women doing the brave work of getting out there and doing their soul work.

It's for you if you're ready to seek your own counsel yet still have connection and support through a weekly touch-base to keep moving ahead.

Here, you’re part of a small, intimate group of women who come together online to create an intuitive practice of finding their way and staying on track with their work and their lives.


Here’s how this works.

These are small groups, and I mean small: 4 people only. I want you to have personalized time with me to understand how to do this work; to get your answers. It’s all online too, so you can join from anywhere.


We’ll kick things off with a 2-hour live online class to give you some foundational tools and insight on how to work with your intuition and inner wisdom in ways that get you the guidance you seek.

I’m going to teach you my "intuition hacks."

These are the tools I use to connect with my inner wisdom and intuition in ways that get me to answers. If you've ever asked a question and felt lost on how to begin accessing the wisdom you hold, this will teach you how to work in a way that gets you unstuck and back in motion.

And even after the first class, you can head to the support page and watch 10 short videos where I share even more about each of the tools I use with my intuition.

Working with your intuition to create insight and move ahead is a skill, nothing more. There’s nothing special about me that lets me tune into my energy, my body, and the guidance all around me, that you don’t possess as well.

What you’ll learn here (what I’ve figured out) is how to clear away the noise and understand what the universe is saying to you. You’ll learn how to think like energy speaks, and trust your ability to translate that. 

You’ll see that you are a wildly creative intuitive woman. Really!


We'll also do a private session together.

You'll get a jumpstart to the process here as we work together, one-on-one. Through this hour-long session you'll have the time to not only experience the process, which will help as you work on your own, but you'll also do quite a bit of healing!

With your private session, we'll set the stage for a deeper dive and sense of direction when you begin to work on your own and with the weekly clarity calls.

And, if you find that along the way you feel stuck and need help in getting to answers that feel out of reach, I offer a discounted 60-minute session rate for insight participants.



This is the juicy part; where you'll develop a relationship with your intuition and inner wisdom and continually move you and your work forward in aligned, heartfelt ways.

These are group process calls. It's your time to step into a safe container and do the work that keeps your vision aligned and your energy clear, so you can live that.

Whatever you’re focused on, bring it to the calls. There is no separating you from your work, so all of you gets to show up here.

You may be grappling with a logistical work question that has you stumped, like how to move forward with marketing a project, or you may be focused on a personal issue that you sense is getting in the way of your work, like why you feel afraid to be more visible.

Whatever’s up for you is what you want to bring to these calls. This is your time to focus to create some healing and insight so you can stay in motion with your work.

Here’s what you’ll be practicing as you figure some things out:

  • how to access your intuition in super creative ways to get you out of your head and into where the answers are

  • how to ask the right questions so you see what you need to see

  • how to anchor all the intuitive information into grounded, practical steps so you and your business grow

It's not just on these calls that you move through what has you feeling stuck. You learn to do this on your own.

The clarity calls go like this:

Each week, one member of the group will work with me directly. You’ll have (4) “love-seat” sessions (my version of the hot seat!) where you and I work together directly.

I'll guide you through the process of creating clarity and healing — insight on what you’re working on. This is your opportunity to go within and access the wisdom that transforms you and how you move forward with what you do.

You’ll learn how to work with your intuition and transform your energy and empower your work, by doing.

When you're not on the “love seat” you’re still workin’ it.

We all have similar stories, issues and concerns. So, when you’re not working with me front and center, you’re still getting all kinds of new information. Sometimes it will feel as though you’re on the love seat doing the work even when you’re not.

Working alongside of me, observing, gives you a chance to listen to how I ask questions and guide people through a process. You get to step back some and apply what you learn on yourself, when you're working on your own. Don’t be surprised if you actually learn more when you’re holding this duel awareness of doing and observing.

For everyone, they’ll be time to share your experience and claim what you’ll take forward into the week ahead so we can hold some accountability for you too!


Creating a practice of inner listening to support your work can be challenging at times. It's easy to get caught up in all the other things vying for your attention.

Commitment and accountability are important. You're here to deepen your ability to unearth your own answers to guide you forward in aligned ways, but you're also here to put this magic to work for you so you and your work get set into motion!

To help you stay with this on your own time, you are welcome to send me weekly commitments — and weekly reviews — around your inner listening and how you wish to stay connected to this practice… and your work.

It's optional. But I'll lovingly hold you to it.


Do I need to be on every call?
I ask that you commit to each call. Let this be part of your business self-care.

Do you record the sessions?
I do record them and make them available for members only. Sometimes going back and listening again when you have been on the "love seat" is valuable. You may not have heard all that you (or I) said. And typically the focus of each call is so relevant to everyone else it's helpful to have the recording to listen again, especially if a call speaks to an issue close to you.

I work with a coach already. Is this different?
It is. This is not business coaching. This is to teach you how to work with your intuition and inner guidance as a tool to help you — on your own — work through the myriad of questions and levels of personal growth that come up with your work and business. It's process work that you learn to do, to find the insight and answers you seek from within.