Here's your Grounding Meditation.

It takes a second to'll get there!

Making a life change is stressful. And if you're stressed out, the first thing to go is your grounding.

Whether you are in the midst of looking for new work, creating a new business, or simply figuring out how to make the work you already do in the world work for you, you're doing a whole lot of personal work. 

Heck, it doesn't even have to be about work! 

Any time you're working on your "stuff," or you've found yourself out of alignment with your heart and spirit, you'll be in some state of ungroundedness. That's just the nature of personal growth.

Being ungrounded, however, is an energetic state that keeps you from the vibrational information you need and the ability to integrate new ideas and frequencies that will move you forward.

So here's my favorite way of shifting your vibe and getting you back into the flow. It's a tool that I teach all my clients. It's the process I go through at the beginning of every session as well, as it shows me where the energetic glitch is with people.


What kind of change is calling you?
How are you being asked to grow?