The Deep Dive Intensive

This is a process like no other... it's short-term, focused and full of the practical support you need to make a change.

Here's a way to get some focused support without the longer commitment: opt in for the deep dive.

It's perfect for those who already know where they're headed but need some assistance in creating more clarity and working through what's getting in the way of moving forward.

This is where you and I can immerse ourselves in what's going on with you and unravel the pieces to get you moving forward again.

We begin with a an hour-long session to create clarity around the issue and do some powerful energy work. And then, a week or so later after you’ve had time to put things into action, we’ll meet again for a deep-dive intensive.  

magic happens when you give yourself the time to do some deep, transformative slow-cooked healing work.

This 3-hour deep dive segment gives us time to cover the ground you need to create a huge shift.  We'll go where you need to go. Period.

Expect some energy work and personal process (of course!). But we'll also jump on the things we can do  - right then and there - that feel hard, scary and might just leave you stuck if I sent you off to do them on your own. No shame, we all have stuff we resist, so let's buddy up and get you past your stuck.

I want you to get to what's next on your journey in the shortest time possible.

We’ll wrap up this transformative process with a 30-minute follow up call to check in for a little extra help.

The complete "Deep Dive" process is 4.5 hours - $600 USD.
All sessions are via Zoom or phone (Unless you live in the Asheville, NC area)

I set up consultations with all new clients. So if you haven't yet worked with me, let's talk first to be sure we are a good fit. If we have worked together, email me to set up a session!


“I’ve been a long-time follower of Stacy’s work – her practical, down to earth way of communicating something as “airy fairy” as energy has always resonated with me. My only regret was not listening to my intuition sooner! I’ve worked with a lot of health practitioners before, but Stacy’s approach was completely different. She really is a teacher as much as a healer, holding your hand as she takes you deep into your energetic self.”

Debbie Rae-Smith