Bloom. A year long journeyfor soulful entrepreneurs to ghrow their business.

This isn’t your “business as usual” business coaching group.

It’s not about teaching you a series of proven steps that worked for me.
it’s about helping you recognize and trust what will work for you.

Bloom is a soulful journey to create a business that’s as unique as you, where you find your voice and stand in your power as you design a business that’s true to you.

A journey that’s part spiritual growth and part business clarity, so both you and your business bloom.

September 2019 - September 2020

5 spots left! Registration ends Thursday, September 19

You’ve taken courses, you’ve hired coaches, and you’ve read up on how to build a business by following what’s worked for others. You’ve seen the “six steps to a 6-figure” master class webinars and the “proven” launch plans. And your inbox is full of freebies, offering you a way to figure out your business.

But none of that resonates with you.

It doesn’t feel right. It doesn’t land. It’s not you. It’s all one-model-fits-all advice. It’s what’s being taught to everyone… to fit everyone.

You’re not everyone.

You want to build a successful business, but you want to do it in a way that is true to you. 

And that’s hard.

Because how do you design and continually evolve a business that’s never been built before? A business that will only thrive when it’s designed to solely fit you — how you create and respond to the world?

How do you trust the process to find your way? How do you trust yourself? How do you know if you’re making the right decision… or kidding yourself?

Where do you turn when there is no other you in the world to guide you? 

You turn inward. 

When the “typical” coaching models don’t fit, it’s because you’re meant to find a more personal path to creating the work you love, a business that’s “you.”

that begins with knowing who you are and what you have to say through your work — knowing the energy of your business — and mapping that to every action you take.

Your success isn’t going to come by simply following a “tried and true” set of steps. It will come by you fully understanding every aspect of your business and how you want to express that in ways that feel true.

And you can’t find that in some cookie-cutter coaching model.

But listening within and trusting your own path doesn’t mean you need to do it all alone, with no support or guidance.

What supports you on your journey isn’t a business “how to” program, but a collaborative and healing environment for you to:

  • heal what holds you back, personally, spiritually, and in your work

  • find your voice and what you must express through your work

  • explore the ideas that feel new and different… but right

  • create products and offerings that maybe haven’t ever been done before

  • see a bigger vision of your work as you become an entrepreneur that fits who you are

Trust in all of this comes when you create the space to explore and identify what’s best for you; where you learn to work with your inner wisdom to recognize what is aligned… step by step.

You want a business sisterhood that lets you learn, heal, grow, collaborate, and find your way… so you bloom.

You just found that.

Welcome to Bloom, where you and your soulful business can grow.

Bloom is an intimate gathering for women who, like you, know it’s time to create their business on their terms and who want support as they come to recognize and trust each step of the process.

Whether you’ve just planted the seed for your business or are ready to re-envision it in ways that feel more aligned with you, this is where you create the clarity and insight needed to create not only a business you love, but a business that works.

It’s a 12-month online community offering a full spectrum of support that you and your business need to evolve into everything you’ve imagined… and more.

To fully bloom, you’ve got to stand in two worlds: the energetic and the practical.

womens business development group. Journaling.

There’s an underlying premise here that your spiritual business will only thrive when you step into your power and trust what is yours to create. And your spirit will evolve when you allow your business to be your truth, and you come to find your way in that… over and over again.

And so, there’s room here for you to do that.

But Bloom is also about the nuts and bolts of your business and your “get up and go.” Because let’s face it, to seek out support that doesn’t get you into action with your business doesn’t help you. So accountability and support in making decisions that actually move your business forward are part of the deal here, too.

You and your business will bloom.


Bloom kicks off this September and runs through September 2020.

There are two “fixed-date” online gatherings each month.

Monthly Gatherings - 4th Sunday of each month - 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm eastern.
Hive-Mind Masterminds - 2nd Thursday of each month - 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm eastern.

The rest of the offerings will be scheduled and posted in advance as we go. Everything is recorded and archived for the group.

Bloom all happens online for you, so you can join from anywhere, via zoom web chat.

Please scroll down to see all the many offerings you can participate in, below.

Click here for your timezone.

Investing… in you and your business.

There are three options for joining, which offer different levels of private work. You’ll see a full description of why private work in conjunction with the group work is so effective in the course offerings below.

Bloom + (12) Monthly Private Sessions:

$3,625 paid in full
$1,270/month on a 3-month payment plan
$635/month on a 6-month payment plan

Bloom + (4) Quarterly Private Sessions:

$2,550 paid in full
$915/month on a 3-month payment plan

Bloom Group Experience (ala carte private work can be added)

$1,995 paid in full
$730/month on a 3-month payment plan


Let’s set up a consultation to talk about the group and if it’s a fit for you. I’ll be happy to answer your questions about it all, and help you suss-out the best registration option to meet your goals.

Bloom will be open to 12 women only. Registration closes Thursday, September 19, 2019.


What you get.

Monthly gatherings

This is where the magic happens, for you and your business. It’s where you get to join like-minded women for support, healing, collaboration, and connection — all of which are critical to you finding your voice and standing in the power of your work… seeing yourself as you truly are.

These gatherings are set for a Sunday, and I realize that’s a bit unconventional for a “business gathering.” But this is where the sisterhood circle comes in where we can slow down and focus without needing to jump right back into work. This is healing time.

These virtual gatherings are the core of our work together. There’s plenty of time for juicy group conversation, a slow-cooked guided process to help you see what you need to see, and time to talk further to help you integrate and process what you’re learning. Curl up in your favorite chair, bring your tea, and let’s dive into what matters.

Each month we’ll be working through a theme, a core concept that can easily stop your growth and the kind of clarity you need to move ahead with your business. We’ll nip that stuff in the bud through the powerful intuitive process work that I do — a guided intuition-led journey with vibrational healing work woven into the process that lets you see your stuff and move beyond it.

Here is also where we’ll talk about this whole energetic ecosystem that you are creating with your business, so you can understand what impacts what you do and how you must do it, so you and your business thrive.

Expect transformation.

Hive-mind mastermind sessions

spiritual business development group. Woman on computer. Stacy Vajta

You need a place to go to ask for help on the things you may be afraid to ask “just anybody.” Nothing is taboo here: not pricing, not how to handle your social media fatigue, not how to do what you think everyone but you knows how to do. Nothing, not even how to face your biggest fears that your business is asking you to face.

We’ve got you.

Each month you can tap into the hive-mind of this amazing group of women for support, insight, and the resources you need to help you move ahead. This too is not your typical mastermind, there will be a little intuitive "woo" added into the process so the feedback you get is intentional and aligned with what you need to hear.

This is how you open to new ideas you may not have even thought of and then see what resonates. Take what you learn and use the skills you’ll be learning in the monthly gatherings around working with your inner wisdom and your business to discern what’s a fit for you.

private sessions for personalized breakthroughs

There’s incredible value in adding private session work into your journey here. And when you join the group, you have a few options to make that so.

Private session work with me goes deep; I quickly get right into the core patterns that are in your way, so you accelerate your growth; so you create a visceral understanding of what you’re working through and how to transform that. It’s how you can focus on the issues that feel confusing or hard to manage and quickly move beyond that, into clarity.

On top of the personalized healing and support needed to help you evolve, private session work is also a way to focus on your business more deeply. Explore specific ideas about your business or next steps with the help of my psychic-eye; where you energetically work through what you can't get to on your own.

There are three options for private work built into your registration:

  • monthly sessions — if you have a goal of creating clarity around your business and getting into aligned action with it, choosing monthly private sessions is the fastest way to move through what holds you back and understand what you need to do for your business to grow. More time together means we can address what is specific to you and your business — beyond the group process — to create both an energetic shift and a strategic game plan, so you get where you want more quickly than if you tackled this on your own.

  • quarterly sessions — quarterly sessions offer you something different than monthly work. They’re geared toward checking in and making sure you’re on the right path each season. They’re your opportunity to make sure that what you’ve been doing in the group and on your own is pointing you toward your True North.

  • ala carte sessions — if private session work isn’t your thing, you can focus on the group experience. And, if you decide you want a session here or there, we can set that up on the side.

There’s more...

Garden party workshops & trainings

womens business development group. Woman on computer monthly workshops

Each month an online workshop will be offered, for you to learn a skill that will help you bloom. It might be rooted in practical business concepts to help you do your thing or energetic and intuitive work to support your growth and how to work with the energy of your business.

Nourish your business with the wisdom that’s all around you.

I’ll be offering up my know-how as well as inviting guests — and even other members — to share theirs. These all get put into the library, so you have access to some everyday wisdom when you need it.

Virtual co-working

Productivity, here you come.

Each week you are welcome to join a virtual co-working gathering via Zoom… to get “doing.”

If you’ve never thought about this, it’s brilliant. Bring a project or two and get $#!t done. That’s right, no more procrastination, my friend. We’ll sandwich “the doing” with a quick chat so you can get some support and encouragement to do your thing.


I’ll be creating guided meditations that map to our monthly gathering process work. They’re a way to help you in between calls around each month’s theme… another way to support the magic of your business that’s coming into bloom!

Online forum

An online forum is available for private conversation, virtual hive-mind support, and everything else we need to hold space for as we go on this journey together.

This will be your connection hub as you bloom.

What people are saying…

“Oh how I loved & grew in this group & thru your work Stacy.”
- Sharon

“You do such beautiful, and necessary, work.
Thank you for helping me grow into the person, and entrepreneur, that I am.”
- Daphne

“I wanted to let you how much I appreciate this group. It's always eye-opening and there are so many aha's and pieces from our conversations that give me a different perspective and understanding of my path.”
- Alicia

“Working with Stacy, I've begun to find my process for working with my intuition on a relationship level. Up until now, I've just waited for intuition to happen to me; now I'm slowing learning how to work with it.”
- Angie

“Working with Stacy in our group has helped me make decisions with more confidence and clarity. She has taught me to ask questions rather than worry about figuring things out, and I feel more in tune and trusting of my own inner knowledge.”
- Micki

“Stacy gets you right to the place that you may have struggled to find on your own, while teaching you how to apply this approach to your everyday awareness.”
- Christine


Creating a business is a soulful process, especially when what you are creating is an expression of you.

I genuinely believe that for your business to thrive, you must know your business as well as you know yourself and then design your business to map to you, and your energy, at every turn.

Bloom is where you can do that, in the company of other soulful entrepreneurs who are courageous enough to create their business their way.

I’d love for you to join us.


Who exactly is this for? Women entrepreneurs who have a business — it may be a seed that’s just been planted or a business that’s ready to be re-visioned or tended to in new ways.

Where do we meet? Online. We’ll connect for all group gatherings via Zoom, via webchat so we can see each other. Bring your tea, get cozy in your favorite chair… join the circle with women all over the globe.

Do I need to be on every call? No. The Saturday group meetings are important; they are the heart of what we will be doing together. They offer the healing work. So, do your best to be there for those. I have scheduled them once a month on a Saturday in the hopes that most people can arrange their schedules to join.

The rest is up to you.

The monthly gatherings, hive-mind masterminds, and monthly workshops will be recorded, so you can listen to the mp3 recording later.

Are private sessions important? Yes. You will go further and get more support with them. When you set up a consultation to explore the group, I will share my thoughts on what would support you best, and you can decide how to move forward.

Other questions? Please email me!