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I blew off sending that weekly newsletter. Here's why.

Last week, I simply didn’t send out my weekly email newsletter. I know, shocking! But each time I sat down to write it, I thought, "I'm not sure I want to do this newsletter thing so much."

And so I listened to that.

But I didn’t just blow it off because I was feeling lazy. Nope. I was tired of doing the same old thing, and that’s brought up all kinds of stuff. Rebellion, shame and a whole lot of “I don’t know.”

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Three important lessons I've learned in creating my business

Creating a business as a solo-preneur can be tricky, despite all the “how-to” offerings from the business coaching world.

It’s actually taken me years, and I do mean years, to come to recognize what I needed to do to make this business of mine work. And it’s not that I didn’t reach out for help along the way. I did. It just wasn’t the right kind of help. In fact, a lot of the help I got that was supposed to give me the plan for making things work actually did more harm in my mind; it took me off the path I needed to be on.

But I guess there are no real wrong turns because I learned a lot about what I needed to focus on instead, for my business to work. And that’s taught me a lot about how I can help you with your business, especially if you don’t quite resonate with the “typical” coaching models that seem to be made to fit everyone.

There were a few big learnings on this journey of mine, which made all the difference in the world in my bringing my business to light. Here they are…

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Bravery and creating a healing business.

I love to work with women who are on the verge of doing scary things... stepping into themselves and their business in more truthful ways.

And that is scary and so powerful. I will always stand with you as you open to that.

And in this coaching world where we get bombarded with messages of "go big" and put yourself out there - be a badass - it's easy in all the rushing to forget that to evolve in this way requires an inward journey, time, and a whole lot of bravery.

This post is about going on that journey.

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