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Three important lessons I've learned in creating my business

Creating a business as a solo-preneur can be tricky, despite all the “how-to” offerings from the business coaching world.

It’s actually taken me years, and I do mean years, to come to recognize what I needed to do to make this business of mine work. And it’s not that I didn’t reach out for help along the way. I did. It just wasn’t the right kind of help. In fact, a lot of the help I got that was supposed to give me the plan for making things work actually did more harm in my mind; it took me off the path I needed to be on.

But I guess there are no real wrong turns because I learned a lot about what I needed to focus on instead, for my business to work. And that’s taught me a lot about how I can help you with your business, especially if you don’t quite resonate with the “typical” coaching models that seem to be made to fit everyone.

There were a few big learnings on this journey of mine, which made all the difference in the world in my bringing my business to light. Here they are…

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