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When you feel the most stuck, that's when you must be your most creative.

Feeling stuck? I bet the last thing you feel at this moment is creative… playful. Right? You’re bound up in whatever is going on so how the heck are you supposed to let go and let your creative imagination take you into new information?

It’s important to access your own creativity when you feel stuck, it’s the way out. There are ways. I share a few in this post and the video I share here. Creativity is our saving grace. And the creativity that comes with your intuitive imagination is your best tool for accessing what’s on the other side of stuck.

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How do you manage your to-do list?⠀

How do you manage your to-do list?⠀

I'll tell ya. Lately, the to-do list in my head has been long. Like this kind of long 📜.⠀

At times it can feel overwhelming. I know you know this. I am sure you've stared down your own list from time to time. ⠀

I have a trick, a way of managing the list... and the anxiety. It's how I focus on my mini-list, the things I will do on any given day.⠀And in this post, I’ll tell you how it works!

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Am I making all this up?

Is this is my imagination, or is this real? Almost everyone I’ve ever worked with has questioned if the information they’re connecting with - via their intuition - is real or made up. That’s normal. If you’re working with your intuition and inner wisdom, your brain is gonna wonder if it’s all in your head. So let’s talk about trusting your intuition. Do you trust that, no matter the means by which it came?

I share a story here about the journey you need to go on to get your answers, and how to create the trust you need to know what’s real.

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Can the consciousness of your business guide you to heal? Yes.

I spend a lot of time talking with the consciousness of my work and my business. And, if you are a soul-preneuer I can't tell you enough how learning to spend time chatting with your business and work can change you... and what you do.

This past weekend I sat with my work and my business and I had one question for them. The healing journey they took me on was powerful. I share that with you here.

Usually when I talk about communicating with my business and my work for guidance, what get's people wanting to know how to do this themselves is that it becomes clear that there's a relationship that I have with these energies. And, most especially, the energy of my work. 

​It's true. I feel as though I do have a long-term, loving relationship with "who" I know my work and biz to be. They are two very different energies from each other. And they are also very much not me. 

And this past weekend, they took me on a healing journey that I needed. That’s the power of being in relationship with the consciousness of your work.

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The energy of protection.

This year, Winter has been pulling me inward; into the quiet. Winter will do that, get us thinking about the deep stuff. The stuff that rises up and asks to be worked with. And damn it if this old energy of mine of withholding - protecting and keeping things private and safe - hasn't circled back around to say hello.

But I have a way of working with this - a creative means to get to the energy and the healing… the insight needed to allow the story to unfold and evolve. To move beyond. I share this here with you.

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How Clear Energetic Boundaries Help You Manifest What You Love.

Energetic boundaries are more than simply protecting from unwanted energy. A lot more. It's an internal energetic direction you set by being clear in your energy. And it's a huge part of how you manifest.

Not creating what you want in the world? Having trouble getting what you want to happen? Take a look at this. It could be a boundary issue, and it may be time to think about your energetic boundaries in a whole new way.

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Are You Choosing For the Things You Want In Life?

When you really think about it, are you choosing for the things you want in life?

Wanting and choosing for are not the same things. There's a real vibrational difference between you saying, "I intend 'x' to happen," and "I choose for 'x' to happen." Door #2 hits you in the gut. 

Choosing for lands you right in your 2nd chakra where you need to look at how willing you are to open a door and walk through the threshold. 

And that, my friend, is where most of us get stuck.

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How to Make a New Energetic Choice.

"We all have to do things we don't want to do."

I grew up hearing that. It usually was in the context to work. We all have to do things we don't want to do... as in that job you need to have. So honey, suck it up.

That message created a strong reference point for me. It influenced my thoughts and actions… it still does.

But I get to choose if it will take me down. I get to create a new energetic choice.

Here’s how I do it…

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Why That Activation Into a Higher Vibration Won’t Solve Your Problems.

I do get it. When you are in pain, you want relief. I've been there. I've even spent a lot of money on coaching with someone who I thought would solve my problems... just tell me what I needed to know to make it so.

That's not how it works. And I'm fed up with seeing all the "activations" out there that seem to promise people a level of change without them needing to do much. 

I once had a healer friend say to me, "You're the one who needs to make the aha-connection. You've got to be present to win."

I totally agree. Your Soul needs to stretch into ideas... like the butterfly who emerges from the cocoon. That activation you hope will fix you, is really going to lead you into the need to do some slow-cooked healing. 

Here's why.

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