Equinox your business

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Monday is the equinox; yet another turn of the wheel.

In my neck of the woods, fall is already here. The light changed a few weeks back, the yard is full of leaves, and the garden has started to wind down.

But I know for some who read this today, spring is in the air.

Every equinox the same image comes to mind of these two gears turning, each one in a different direction. And even though this day offers balance, which implies stillness, the equinox always feels as though there is movement within its energy.

For me, the equinox feels more like a turning point. Both fall and spring have a sense of beginnings. Fall being a time of coming into rest, beginning again... creating space for what will be. We let things come to fruition and start a new cycle of rest, reorganization, planning and growth.

Spring, on the other hand, has more action associated with it; the planning bit. What may have been forming deep within our psyche in the winter begins to rise. A more conscious approach to what we wish to create is fueled by the energy. We shift into planning our gardens... our work for the new season.

Nature moves in different directions throughout the planet, fueling the energetic directive and the energy we use in different ways. And this energy can be used within your work, as well.

It doesn't mean that you don't create new things in the fall or winter because the energy invites you to rest. Nor does it mean that you only birth things into the world in the spring. We are always creating and resting and reorganizing and in movement with what's important in our lives no matter what the season. But we do have a chance to learn from Nature each season to better support how we move through our lives.

We learn by being in relationship to the energetic directive, taking cues from that to support more of what we need.

You can do this by sitting down and connecting within. Call in Nature Intelligence; call in your business. Ask what is needed.

That fall energetic directive may very well show you where you must slow down, wind things down, or create space for something new. You may see where, physically, you must rest. If you have truly been struggling with your business, you may be shown that now is the time to get that part-time job so your nervous system can rest enough even to have the ability to create.

Mentally you may need to create more space as you do your work. You may sense that how you do your work needs to shift slightly. Maybe you focus on projects that take less energy... still doing but in a different way.

This fall might also be the time to receive support to get clarity around your business and why things haven't been moving for you. A time to slow down and understand; using the energy to support a shift into alignment.

Conversely, spring may show you where you must amplify your own energy to fuel what has been incubating as of late. You may sense more time is needed to plan and organize your thoughts... map our your garden so to speak. You may get a sense of order and timing around what you do in the next few months.

And you too may get a clear message that learning to work with the energy of your business is necessary now. Your business may be asking you to come into a relationship with it, so each step you take as you plant new seeds feels true to you, aligned with you.

If you're like me, and you like to work with the energy to support your work and your business, then I encourage you to take some time over the next few days and listen for what you need as this season changes. Listen for how you must change and what your business needs to unfold.

And then follow that flow of information.

Your mind will think it knows what you need to do and how you need to do it. But have a chat with the energy, with Nature. I bet you'll come to understand something new about how to do the thing you do.

And if now is when you need support from me, reach out. I will be taking four new clients for either 3 or 6 months of transformational support. You can expect a potent mixture of personal healing and business clarity.

Check out what folks are saying about my work here. And if you're ready to completely change the energy of your business (and you too), set up a consultation.

Over to you.

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