3 lessons I learned from a heart-centered selling course.

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The very first business coaching experience I had was, well, traumatic.

It was a group program, one of those "big-box" programs as I call them. Tons of people and no real connection to the person leading a myriad of exercises to help us figure out our business. Although, I did have a chance to get some 1:1 work with this coach during one of the weekend sessions.

And. It. Was. Horrible.

Now, this was a pretty popular coaching program back in the day, teaching heart-centered entrepreneurs how to sell. And I can't remember what the guy who was leading this group called it, but he did some work where people went on stage, and he'd help them create a fast breakthrough.

I needed a breakthrough, big time. I felt desperate to change what was (not) happening in my business at the time. So, despite all my fear, I raised my hand to go onstage.

10 grueling minutes later, I was asked to step off the stage. I was told I didn't want to change... I wasn't ready to do this work.

In a room that had gone completely quiet, with 300 people staring at me in complete shock, I slinked off the stage in absolute humiliation.

If this helps you to understand just how unempowered I felt at that point in my life, I actually went back onstage a few minutes later so this guy could try to salvage even his own shock at his actions. I don't really remember what happened because I was so out of my body at that point.

I've had years to process this experience; much insight has come from it. Here are a few of the more important lessons. May they help you think about your own business, and how you want to help it to grow.

Lesson one: your business doesn’t begin with selling.

The work of creating your soulful business must begin with owning who you are: your value, your essence, your voice, your power, and your truth.

Not selling.

Until you do this inner exploration, you can't possibly stand in the power of your work and attract people to it. Until you know what you and your work are about (and how they're realted), you can't possibly speak it.

And until you can trust yourself and give yourself full permission to follow the unique path that you and your business must take, you will never get your work to happen.

There was no breakthough on that stage that day because I had no idea of who I really was or what my work was about. How could I show up and get 300 people to believe what I was saying about myself when I had no idea what "it" even was?

Lesson two: it’s all about the energy, baby.

"Selling" is pretty in-authentic when you haven't yet created a relationship with the energy of your business and listened to its voice, its message, and its unfolding.

I remember after that training, following a script for having those "heart-felt" sales conversations. OMG. Looking back on that now, I can see they were anything but!

One of the things that I absolutely adore with the women I work with is that they get to know their business energetically. They come to intimatly know the voice, the tone, and the words their business uses - not to mention the vibe their business emits. They create a solid way of speaking from that energy which impacts every way they communicate their work.

They recognize what they are doing and how it must be done, and naturally have the words to speak about what they offer (both their personal value and the value of their work), so it feels true.

No script needed. Just truth. And people connect with that.

But you can't get to that point until you take that step inward and come to know yourself and your biz more clearly. So if you're struggling with how to speak of what you do so people connect with you, there's some work for us to do around getting clear before you attempt to sell, do, speak, and post.

Lesson three: double check if you’ve actually said yes to your biz.

You really do need to make a choice to be in business. It's one thing to be in love with the work you do, the healing or coaching or art. But it's entirely something different to decide you want to run a business.

And even if it's just you, doing your thing, you are running a business.

When you say yes to your business, you step into a different sense of Self. You get challenged in new ways. You must show up to your work with a greater understanding of who you are and what you are doing so you can continually scale your business and evolve.

I think this is a huge step for most conscious entrepreneurs. They think they're there, but they're not. I wasn't for a long time. And if things with your business aren't really happening, this is also where we need to work. Your spirit is asking you to evolve into being the person who creates a business that will keep evolving you... upscaling your biz and your life.

Why tell you this?

What I learned from that first coaching experience was it was up to me to decide that, yes, I was going to take this further. I was going to invest in myself and my business. And I was in charge.

And I'll be damned if I’ll ever put myself and my business in the hands of someone who doesn’t get that there is more to a business than selling and quickie breakthroughs.

I absolutely believe that if you are being called into a soulful business, there is a lovely bit of personal and business growth that you are being asked to do before you leap into the doing.

It’s tempting to start with coaching work that drops you right into the selling and the creation of programs and products. But I don’t see that as helpful, not when you need to do this first step to understand your business.

I meet a lot of conscious entrepreneurs who started mid-way like this… skipping the clarity piece. And now, they’re back to it. Because the only way to grow, the only way for their business to grow, is to come back to center and find the business they’re meant to create and do it in the way they’re mean to do it.

So it’s soul-full.

Over to you.

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