Bravery and creating a healing business.

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I love to work with women who are on the verge of doing scary things... stepping into themselves and their business in more truthful ways.

And that is scary and so powerful. I will always stand with you as you open to that.

To trust and claim your voice and be willing to be guided by your inner knowing, versus all the noise out in the world, is both an evolutionary act, and an "involutionary" one. It's you evolving into more of who you are meant to be which is this lovely soul-oriented dynamic. But doing so requires you to allow any and all levels of transformation to happen, to move you into what is next... what feels right and aligned for you.

To both allow and push yourself into a blooming flower is an amazing journey.

As a conscious entrepreneur, you're doing that again and again. At one point there may be more of a transformation than at other times, but this is always part of the journey.

And quite honestly, it's my favorite part of the journey I get to go on with those I work with. I too get to go inward and reveal more of who I am... with you. I get to create this bridge between Nature's need to organize and bring things into form, and this very human dynamic of creating purpose and direction. That's how clarity comes.

This journey is an inward journey. And in this coaching world where we get bombarded with messages of "go big" and put yourself out there - be a badass - it's easy in all the rushing to forget that to evolve in this way requires an inward journey, time, and a whole lot of bravery.

I believe it takes a bit of quiet inner work to see what you must see; to own what you must own. After all, you are reforming and creating a new direction.

The time for reflection isn't indefinite. Far from it when you are guided on the journey. But it is necessary to do the brave work of blooming into who you need to be next and doing what best reflects this deeper understanding of you.

So to those of you on this type of work journey, may you bloom. I'm here to help if you need an experienced guide on the way.

Over to you.

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