The power of the sticky note


Sticky notes. They hold transformative power.

The other day I was working with a coach of mine, talking about how I had come to realize something big about myself and my work. I saw this pattern of mine from a new level of awareness; where I keep getting stuck in both my thinking and my action in the world. And in sharing what I had come to recognize, the question came up about how I was going to step into the power of that and practice that; even remind myself of this when I hit resistance?

My response was: I’m going to put up a sticky note.

I’m not sure that’s what she thought I was going to say. But I qualified that statement with what I know of putting reminders up via sticky note and how they are a powerful way to keep coming back into an energy or an idea.

Yes, sticky notes can be an accountability buddy.

I know a lot of people who work with affirmations. I have friends who have affirmations on sticky notes all over their house. Me? I’m not a fan of affirmations. I think people get stuck, really stuck sometimes, in the energy of them.

Surprised? Well, take a peek at this little video for the 411. It may get you thinking about how you affirm new ideas in your life.


So what do I do with those sticky notes?

I write reminders of what I understand from the place of where I know I can sustain the energy.

For instance, an affirmation might be, “I have a thriving business.” But if I’m struggling for realz or I have something going on that’s holding my business back in some way, or I’m in resistance to that next step into thriving mode, all that will happen when I see that affirmation is I trigger the unconscious energy shooting that idea down… the stuff I’m not looking at.

It’s only when I believe what I say that I feel all the feels… you know, the energy that draws things to us. And there’s only so far out onto the ledge I can go with my thoughts before some part of me - and my energy - calls bullsh*t.

If I do not feel that I can vibrationally sustain a thought - feel its truth in my body - I don’t write it down. I’m just not there yet. I only jot down what I know, so I keep remembering that and anchoring that into my nervous system. I re-wire that thought each time I see it.

So instead “I have a thriving business”, I’d write something more like, “Remember, there are people out there who want to work with you.”

Then, every time I’d looked at that, I’d actually conjure real people up in my mind who I’ve been working with. I’d think of Susie and Jane and Katherine and Claire and think to myself, “Yeah, Ok. All is well. I’m definitely moving in the right direction;” reminding myself, my nervous system, and my psyche of what is true.

When the next level of the thought is ready to be clarified, I take that sticky note down and write a new one. Maybe something like, “Wow, you did amazing things this month… remember how easy it was?!” I’d think, “Yeah, there has been a lot going on with my biz (aka it’s thriving) and it’s been flowing.”

Hello energetic shift.

At the end of the day, it’s affirming my thinking, but I’m riding the wave of my own energetic reality. And for people who love affirmations who get into these big ideas that take them far beyond what they can vibrationally hold, sticking close to what is is a hard thing to grok. They think they are limiting themselves, rather than moving up the energetic ladder.

What I didn’t say in that video.

One of the things that people often ask me when we’ve done some work together is, “Is this integrated now?” Like, once the work we do together is done then it’s done.

It’s not ever a one and done.

I let them know that their homework is to keep anchoring-in this new idea until it truly feels like a truth. It may be a hundred times a day that they have to settle into this new idea.

But we aren’t working on ideas that are pie-in-the-sky dreams beyond what their energy can believe. We’re working at a vibrational level that they can sustain… the thought or belief that they can energetically reach without falling off the edge. So, usually the next time we talk, big changes have happened and they’re ready for the next step. (woot)

That sticky note is a reminder of their new truth - what they could sense, feel and know about their energy when we cleared away all the confusion about who they are. The words on that note validate a transformative stepping stone on their journey. Their work is to keep looking at that note and remembering it’s truth.

One sticky note at a time.

It takes just one note; one reminder at a time of who you are growing into, to change your whole world. Because when you move down into the deepest truth of who you are and see what direction you are growing - and what idea you must embody to sustain that - it impacts everything you do.

So find that idea… that truth; where your energy says, “Yes, I can believe that distant edge of this idea… let’s let this sit a while.” Write a sticky note to keep that on your mind. Then watch how your world changes.

Over to you.

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